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This website is designed to provide our customers with information about our services with detailed Step-by-Step guides on how to use our platform. Use the navigation menu on the left to review our guides and information. A search bar on the top right of your page will allow you to search this site to find what you are looking for.
RoboCent operates a Self-Service Phone Messaging Platform. Send a Pre-Recorded RoboCall to Landlines, Text Message voters with a picture to remind them about the Election, or collect data with a Survey Call. Utilize our Voter Data to ensure your campaign has the highest quality Landline and Mobile numbers.


RoboCent was started in 2011 by high-school students Isaac Dietrich and Travis Trawick while working on local political campaigns in Virginia Beach. Seeing the enormous costs for sending robocalls to voters, these aspiring entrepreneurs decided to disrupt the industry with low-cost messaging solutions for campaigns of all sizes. Since 2012, RoboCent has served over 3,000 clients and sent millions of robocalls and text messages across the United States.
Entering the industry in 2011, RoboCent's plan from the very start was to disrupt the old-school robocall providers. The industry was completely stagnant at the time. The only options available on the market were old school dialers created during the mid-late 90s (literally). The experience for their customers was... less than ideal. As young, tech-savvy high-school students, Dietrich and Trawick were able to quickly build a user-friendly platform using new technology that helped revolutionize political phone marketing.

RoboCent vs 'The Others'

Modern, Intuitive Self-Service Platform

Our system is unique compared to our competitors. Built from the ground up to be useable by all types of clients, the entire RoboCent system has been designed in a way that is easy to use, while maintaining a modern look and feel. We continue to review customer reactions to features, navigation, layout, and more across the entire platform, making changes to sections that create confusion to ensure all customers have a great experience.

24/7 Customer Support

Having an issue? No worries! RoboCent is here to help. Our 24/7 Customer Support team is ready to answer your questions to ensure you have confidence in scheduling your messages.
Email Support Available 24/7
Phone Support Available 9AM to 11PM Eastern
Unlike our competitors who can't seem to find their phone when you call, you can speak to a real person when you call RoboCent. You may even speak with our CEO who enjoys answering the phones to speak with customers!


RoboCent takes tremendous pride in providing transparent and affordable pricing for all our customers. No matter the size of your campaign, we have experience and solutions tailored for you. Our pricing is publicly available on our homepage with no hidden fees or surcharges. Bulk discounts are applied automatically based on volume. RoboCent doesn't require subscriptions, contracts, or minimum spending commits to use our service.


RoboCent doesn't turn customers away based on political affiliation, that's just bad business. Instead, we offer our industry low pricing and modern platform for use by every campaign across the country.

Located in the USA

Our company is based on Virginia Beach, VA and only provides services to customers within the United States. Our data, servers, offices, legal team, texting agents, and entire company is based in the US and strictly follows US laws and regulations to ensure responsible usage of our technology. All RoboCent texting agents and support staff are based in the US, registered to vote, speak and write fluent English, and regularly participate in US elections. No overseas call banks or overworked office workers, just a network of people who are interested in US Politics.

Active Development

In order to stay committed to our founding mission, we maintain an active development team. This allows us to continually update our platform with user-requested features and provide reliability improvements on a week-by-week basis.
Have a feature you would like to see added? Email us at [email protected]! While we can't promise we will build individual features for customers, we have a pretty good track record of implementing highly-requested features for our users.

User Requested Features Implemented by RoboCent:

  • "Get a Quote" Feature
  • Shareable Result Pages (no login required)
  • Cost Calculator
  • Voter Data Purchases
  • Call In Recording Line
  • & many more!

Political vs Non-Political

Until mid-2021, RoboCent's platform was strictly reserved for Political Organizations. Since then, we have opened our doors to compliant business' and non-profits that wish to use our services. We still enact a strict Responsible Use Policy for all our customers, but allowing non-political clients helps increase our revenue so we can continue to provide a state-of-the-art platform for the customers that got us to where we are today - local grassroots campaigns. (we just love politics)
Disclaimer: Please note that any advice provided on this website is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be legal advice or council and should not be substituted for consultation with an attorney or compliance team.
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