Terms and Definitions

Campaign Status

  • Active: Campaign is paid and within sending hours making it eligible to begin sending
  • Pending Approval: Campaign submitted, but awaiting payment before it can send
  • Out of Schedule: Campaign submitted and paid, but waiting for the selected start time/date. Once the start time/date has been reached, this campaign will switch to Active.
  • Closed: Campaign is outside of sending hours and has successfully sent. Closed is a temporary status until the campaign is automatically archived.
  • Archived: Campaign is closed and archived, removing all sending phone numbers, credits, deposits, and finalizing the campaigns end cycle.
  • Rejected: This campaign has been Rejected by a RoboCent admin, a reason has been provided.
  • No Funds Available: The campaign has run out of funds in your account and will require another deposit to continue sending.
  • Processing: The campaign is actively attempting to Activate
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