Script Content Standards
What you can (and cannot say) in Peer-to-Peer Text Messages.

Updated April 14th, 2022

The following guidelines will go into effect with the launch of RoboCent App Version 11, releasing Q2 2022.

Keys to Success

The following tips will ensure your messages have the highest delivery rate and helps your account stay in good standing, both with RoboCent and the carriers.
  • Texts Must Include Name of Person Sending the Text
    • This can be achieved with {agent_first_name} or {agent_full_name} merge fields.
      • How the script will look:
        • "This is {agent_first_name} with Senator Patterson's Campaign."
      • What the contact will see:
        • "This is George with Senator Patterson's Campaign."
This is a carrier requirement to identify the person responsible for sending the Peer-to-Peer message. P2P Text Messages (human-to-human) are required to identify the agent clicking the "Send Message" button.
  • Scripts Should Use "First Person" Perspective
    • Texts should always be in the first person, coming from a human directly.
    • " I was wondering if you would like a ride to the polls." or "We are hoping to see you at our event!"
  • Always use the Recipient’s Name
    • How the script will look:
      • "Hi {first_name}, this is {agent_first_name} with Tommy Garvin's Campaign."
    • What the contact will see:
      • "Hi John, this is Sarah with George Patterson's Campaign for Senate."
  • All Scripts MUST Contain 'Reply Stop' Opt-Out Instructions
    • Verbiage such as: "Reply Stop to End" or "Reply Stop to Unsubscribe" or "Opt-Out? Reply with Stop" will all work.
  • Maximize Merge Fields to Vary Text Scripts
    • Having scripts that are nonidentical will reduce false "spam" blocking.
    • "Hey {first_name} John, this is {agent_name} Ashley and I wanted to invite you to our event on Saturday!"
  • No SPAM Messages
    • Messages must look natural, like two people talking over text messaging. Peer-to-Peer is 1:1 texting, if the messages do not look, feel, and read naturally, the carriers will block it.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS in Scripts
    • This includes words, phrases, or the entire script content.
    • Instead, use proper case which is less likely to be blocked by the carriers.
  • No Use of flagged words & prohibited topics
    • See below for Flagged Keywords and Prohibited Topics
  • Links Must Direct to a Legitimate Website for the Registered Sender
    • Websites must contain contact information with the site owner and purpose being clearly labeled.
  • No Shortened URLs, Including,, and more
    • Always use the full and real domain name.
    • instead of or
  • No Redirect URLs
    • Make sure URLs stay the same when opened (no blind redirects, 301 & 302 redirects are okay)
RoboCent is not responsible for the content of your messages. RoboCent will not provide refunds for messages blocked by carrier filtering. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure they are following proper texting messaging guidelines.

Defamation, Libel are Prohibited

The carriers don't like risk. Any message that contains information that could be considered defamatory are a violation of our Terms of Service and will be quickly blocked by the carriers.
Using a Political Opponents name to imply or state any conclusion is strictly prohibited
Comparisons to political opponents are allowed if the opponents name is not used in the text message.

Examples of Approved Scripts

"Did you hear what my opponent said last week about [topic]? Read this article to learn more: [link to article]" [Generally Approved]
"My opponent has been in office for 16 years and has gotten very little done. When you elect John Smith, he will get things done starting on day 1!" [Generally Approved]

Examples of Prohibited Scripts

"Did you hear what Tim Potter said last week about [topic]? Read this article to learn more: [link to article]" [Prohibited]
"Tim Potter has been in office for 16 years and has gotten very little done. When you elect John Smith, he will get things done starting on day 1!" [Prohibited]

Flagged Keywords

The following words may cause carrier filtering, blocking your messages from reaching your contact.
Businesses, COVID-19, pandemic, learn more, register, smallbiz, biz, free quote, free, bank, HARP, Department of Education, entitled, reduced, refi, refinance, payment, discharge lend, lending, profanity, lender, loan, loans, fund, funds, bank, approval, approved, debt, money, rate, apply, application, CBD, transfer, qualify, forgive, forgiveness, sex, sexual, firearm(s), gun(s), weapon(s), tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, vape, vaping, $ symbol, any drug or alcohol related words, repeating symbols (Ex !!!) (ALL CAPS are also prohibited).

Prohibited Topics

The following topics are prohibited for commercial or sales messaging:
Messages containing personal attacks, sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco content, vaping, weapons, drugs, cannabis, gambling, fraud, spam, phishing, deceptive marketing, distribution or malware or app downloads from non-secure locations, loan, debt consolidation, debt relief and student loan programs from any enterprise that is not able to grant loans itself, affiliate marketing programs that seek to obtain opt-in subscriber lists, lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information with third parties, work from home opportunities.

Why So Strict?

The carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, are using complex and secret algorithms to block traffic across their systems. The purpose of these blocking algorithms are to prevent spam from reaching the phone of their customers. Sometimes, when sending high-volumes of text messages, these algorithms can pick up messages that are not spam and block them anyways. Following our recommended script guidelines will ensure your messages do not become blocked and that your account is in good standing with the carriers.
Yes, very much so. 10DLC is a registration process that will notify the carriers to the types of messages you intend to send - before you send them. This greatly reduces the chance of carrier filtering as you are informing the carriers to the types of messages you plan to send before they ever hit the network. This helps ensure they whitelist your message content and your brand. As long as you continue to send appropriate and approved messages, the carriers will leave you alone!

Legal Stuff

As always, ensure you are abiding by the RoboCent Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy when using our app.
RoboCent is not responsible for any omissions for content standards, or for any outcome following the use of this information. It will be the responsibility of RoboCent's Users to ensure they are following all applicable laws and regulations.

RoboCent Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions - RoboCent

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy - RoboCent

Message Review

When a new script is provided to RoboCent for outbound sending, it undergoes a manual human review. This review process is an additional step to help ensure compliant messaging across our platform. While RoboCent has the ability to Accept or Reject a given script, this process is not intended to replace our User's due diligence and adherence to the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Script Content Standards.
Should a message that contains a violation of our requirements become approved after human review, the responsibility, outcome, and penalties will be the sole responsibility of the User responsible for the content. RoboCent is not responsible for the content of any of our User's messaging, regardless of the approval or rejection during our human review process.