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Elevate Your Campaign with Our Extensive Services

Gain an unparalleled edge with RoboCent's range of Premium Services, meticulously designed to amplify your campaign's impact. From expert data management to captivating voice talents, we offer a spectrum of solutions for your every need. Your campaign deserves the best—choose RoboCent for quality, effectiveness, and affordability.

Data Management Solutions

  • Data Match: $0.03/success

    • Consolidate disparate data files into one unified set for streamlined campaigning.

  • Carrier Lookup: $0.03/lookup

    • Identify the carrier type for numbers on your phone list for smarter targeting.

  • Data Cleansing: $200

    • We ensure your files are optimized and fully compatible with most phone outreach software, including fixing phone number and first/last name organization. *where possible

  • List Segmentation: $50

    • Specialized filters to target niche segments like women over 45 or frequent voters.

Professional Voice Services

  • Audio (Under 60s): $150

  • Audio (Over 60s): $250

Engage your audience with high-quality voice recordings from our industry-leading voice talents.

Scheduler Assistance

  • Guided Setup: $100 per message

Expert hands-on support for message scheduling, ensuring optimal settings and deployment.

Script Polishing

  • Custom Script Creation: $50/script (Revisions Included)

Unlock the full potential of your campaign message with custom scripts designed for maximum voter engagement and retention.

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design: $250-750

  • Custom Graphics: $250-750

Revolutionize your campaign’s visual impact with our top-notch graphic design services.

Rush Orders

  • Text/RoboCall/Transfer (Under 2h): $50

  • Survey (Under 4h): $100

Fast-track your campaign messaging with our rush order options.

Minimum Order

  • Text Message/RoboCall/Transfer: $30

  • Survey: $75

  • TeleTownHall: $1,400

  • Voter Data: $30

Maximize your campaign's reach and impact with RoboCent's suite of Premium Services. Learn More about how we can customize solutions for you.

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