Virtual Inbox

With RoboCent's Virtual Inbox, say goodbye to traditional communication barriers and say hello to seamless, unified, and efficient communication.

RoboCent's Virtual Inbox Service for Political Clients

Service Overview

RoboCent's Virtual Inbox is a revolutionary communication solution tailored specifically for political campaigns. We provide you with a localized phone number, enabling your campaign to connect with constituents through calls, texts, and voicemails, all within one easy-to-use platform.

Key Features

  1. Localized Inbound Calls & Texts: Engage with your constituents in a more personal and effective way by receiving inbound calls and texts on a local number. This feature can significantly boost the reach and impact of your political campaign.

  2. Voicemail Management: Never miss a call from a constituent again. Our voicemail management system records all inbound voice messages, allowing you to follow up at your convenience.

  3. Chat Interface: Respond to constituents promptly and efficiently with our user-friendly chat interface. You can choose between SMS or voice responses, according to your preference and the nature of the query.

  4. Intuitive UI/UX: With a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, our interface ensures a smooth experience for your campaign team. Navigate and operate the system with ease, even if you're not particularly tech-savvy.

  5. Inbound Call Handling: Direct inbound calls straight to voicemail, forward them to another number, or ring multiple phones simultaneously - the choice is yours. This feature offers the flexibility to manage inbound calls in a way that best suits your campaign's workflow.

  6. Voicemail Personalization: Set a unique voicemail greeting that aligns with your campaign's messaging. Our auto-transcribe feature ensures you can easily read your voicemails, regardless of your environment.

  7. Shareable Inbox: Collaborate with your campaign team effectively with our secure, shareable inbox. Team members can access the inbox without needing to log in, making teamwork effortless.

  8. SMS AutoResponder: Automate SMS responses for common questions or messages, allowing for instant engagement with constituents even when your team is busy.

Subscription Plan

Our Standard Plan, at $50 a month, provides your political campaign with a comprehensive and efficient communication solution. This includes all of the above-mentioned features, along with priority customer support. It's a smart investment for political campaigns looking for effective, streamlined, and user-friendly communication tools.

Credit System

We offer a credit system where campaigns can add funds to their accounts. These credits can be used to pay for voice minutes and SMS usage, giving you the flexibility to scale your campaign's communication needs based on your usage and budget.

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