Bulk Pricing Options

RoboCent Bulk Order Discount Program

At RoboCent, we're committed to amplifying your campaign's impact while being mindful of your budget. We take pride in offering the industry's most competitive rates for high-quality RoboCalls and Texting services.

We recognize the significance of optimizing every penny you invest, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our Bulk Order Discount Program. When you choose to pre-fund your account, you gain access to substantial deposit bonuses, enabling you to maximize the value of your budget.

RoboCent stands as the trusted partner for numerous campaigns, ranging from local school board elections to presidential contests. Our robust dialer and texting platform, complemented by dedicated personal representatives, ensure you receive an exceptional experience on every campaign journey.

Bulk Order Discounts

RoboCent offers Bulk Discounts standard for every customer. For every campaign you schedule, our discounts will automatically be applied when the tiers are hit.

At 100,000 leads, your invoice will automatically include a 10% discount. This discount jumps to 20% when you have 500,000 leads on your contact list.

PrePay Bonus Program

Unlock Greater Value with RoboCent's PrePay Bonus Program. When you pre-fund your account, you gain access to substantial deposit bonuses, ensuring your budget goes further. Get the most from your campaign's resources with RoboCent.

Example: A Pre-Pay order for $25,000 in account funds will deposit $27,500 into your account.

  • Funds must be received before Outbound Messaging Begins. Bonus Credit will be applied to account when funds are received.

  • We accept credit cards, wire transfers, and checks. For credit cards, a 2.9% interest rate will be applied.

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