Data Management

Data Management Solutions

At RoboCent, we understand the critical role of data in driving successful political campaigns. That's why we offer a suite of Data Management Solutions, meticulously designed to empower your campaign with accurate and actionable data. Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your varied data sets into a strategic tool that enhances your outreach and engagement efforts.

Let us handle the complexities of data management, so you can focus on connecting with voters and achieving your campaign goals.

  • Data Match: $0.03/success ($200 minimum)

    • Our team at RoboCent specializes in enhancing your voter lists through our Data Match service. We efficiently merge and append critical details like phone numbers to your voter records, drawn from various data sources. This service is vital for campaigns with diverse data sets that require a unified, comprehensive database for impactful communication. Trust us to ensure your voter files are complete and current, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign strategies.

  • Data Cleansing: $50 - $200

    • Our team is committed to maintaining the integrity and usability of your contact lists. Through our Data Cleansing service, we thoroughly analyze and optimize your data files, ensuring compatibility with leading phone outreach software. We organize and correct essential details in your data, boosting the efficiency of your outreach campaigns and reducing the likelihood of communication errors.

  • List Segmentation: $50

    • We offer List Segmentation to refine your campaign messaging to resonate with specific voter demographics. Our service enables you to apply specialized filters to your data, facilitating targeted communication with key voter segments. This focused approach ensures your messaging resonates more effectively with the constituents most relevant to your campaign objectives.

  • Carrier Lookup: $0.03/lookup

    • With our Carrier Lookup service, RoboCent provides detailed insights into the types of phone numbers in your files, identifying whether they are landlines, mobiles, or VoIP. This added information enhances your understanding of your contacts' communication channels, aiding in strategic planning. While this service is not a prerequisite for using the RoboCent platform, it is highly beneficial for campaigns needing detailed phone record information for external campaign activities.

    • Carrier Lookup can be performed self-service in your RoboCent account. On any uploaded and scrubbed data file, select "Carrier Lookup" to run a lookup on the file.

  • Voter Data Append: $0.03/landline | $0.055/mobile

    • Our Voter Data Append service is designed to enrich your existing voter lists by adding missing but crucial information. Whether you need to update voter contact details, demographic information, or voting histories, our team at RoboCent expertly appends this data to your existing files. This service enhances the depth and accuracy of your voter database, providing you with a more complete picture of your electorate. It's an invaluable tool for campaigns aiming to deepen their understanding of voter segments and personalize their outreach for maximum impact.

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