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10DLC ALERT: As of June 1st, 2023, the Carriers have begun requiring all brands to have a dedicated website and domain.

The carriers will no longer allow social media websites such as facebook or instagram, your brand must have a dedicated website (www.[mydomain].com).

Registrations are being rejected for brands that fail to meet this requirement.

A Turnkey Solution for Digital Success

In today's digital age, a campaign without an effective website is like a ship without a compass. The stakes are high, and your digital presence is more than just a checkbox; it's a central hub for voter engagement, fundraising, and information dissemination. RoboCent offers a swift, hassle-free, and budget-friendly website design service designed to steer your campaign toward success.

  • Quick Turnaround: Launch your fully-functioning website in as little as one week, propelling your campaign’s digital reach without delay.

  • Full-Service Design and Maintenance: Relieve the stress of website creation and upkeep. Our team handles everything from design to launch, letting you concentrate on what really matters: your campaign.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Save valuable campaign funds with our efficient use of high-quality, pre-designed templates.

  • Campaign Legitimacy: Own your narrative with a custom domain, establishing your campaign as a credible and trustworthy resource for voters.

  • Streamlined Fundraising: Optimize your donation process with an expertly crafted fundraising page, amplifying your financial support and campaign momentum.

RoboCent provides a complete, turnkey website design service, from initial mock-up to final launch. Our streamlined process is crafted for maximum efficiency, leaving you with a digital platform that not only meets but exceeds your campaign's unique needs. By consolidating all vital campaign information in one place, we offer voters a one-stop resource for everything from polling times to donation options. Elevate your campaign’s digital strategy; leverage the full power of a RoboCent-designed website today.

Website Pricing

10DLC Compliance Essentials: $500

  • Using your provided details, we'll craft a foundational website based on a standard template.

  • Features include your logo, tailored Privacy Policy, SMS Disclaimer, and a data collection form.

  • A direct link to any secondary site you operate is also included.

Standard Package: $2,500

  • Benefit from our creative team's expertise to fashion a distinctive website tailored for your organization.

  • Standard design components included.

  • Delivered in 14 days, with a 3-day rush option.

  • You provide the text and imagery (Copywriting services available upon request).

Custom Design: $4,000

  • Got a unique vision? Let our specialists transform it into a digital reality.

SEO, Analytics, Hosting? We Do It All. Contact Our Experts for a Quote.

Anedot Fundraising Page

One-Time: $1,200

  • Instant Donor Engagement: Unlock seamless donation experiences with a fully integrated Anedot fundraising page.

  • Optimized Conversion: Our Anedot setup prioritizes user-friendly design to boost conversion rates, making it easier for supporters to contribute.

  • Text-to-Donate Capabilities: Leverage the power of SMS through custom short-URLs, making donations just a text away.

  • Secure Transactions: Prioritize donor trust with PCI compliant payment processing.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Gain actionable insights with comprehensive donor analytics, enabling you to fine-tune your fundraising strategy.

  • Tailored Branding: Your Anedot page will echo your campaign's look and feel, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.

  • 10DLC Ready: We can provide a sample Privacy Policy and SMS Disclaimers to make your website 10DLC compliant to fly through registration with ease.

Ongoing Support

  • Hosting: $100/month | $1,000/year

    • This keeps your website online and accessible on the internet. Cancel at anytime.

  • (Optional) Support and Maintenance: $300/month | $3,000/year

    • Need assistance with edits or keeping the website current? This optional feature provides a dedicated line straight to our design team, allowing you to request changes, updates, or revisions at any time.

  • (Optional) One-Time Revision: $150 per revision

    • Outside of the subscription plan for website changes, we offer one-off revisions to go back into your site to make minor changes you request.

Optional Features

  • Copywriting ($160/hour): If needed, our writers can can provide all content for the website.

  • Opt-In Request Form: Offer a sign-up form where voters can opt-in to receive updates from your campaign via email, landline, or mobile.

  • Custom Graphics ($250-750): Custom made graphics and illustrations to highlight campaign messages.

  • YardSign Request Form: Start growing your YardSign presence by allowing voters to request a delivery to their home with one-click!

  • Logo Design ($250-750): Need a design for those YardSigns you will be putting up across the district? Our team can help!

  • Rush Order ($1,600): Need to get up and running ASAP? No worry, our hyper-efficient team will get your site up and running in under 3 days.

  • Email Setup: $1,900 one-time setup | $30/Month Per Email Address

    • We can set up custom email addresses for your organization, using the xxxxx@[yourdomain].com template.

Under the Hood

All websites are built on Wix. After completion, we will hand over the keys to your team for full control of the content. If you need help with edits, we are available for fast response to make the changes you need.

Our team will provide a live mock-up of your site for review. We will work with you directly to ensure to finished product is exactly what you want. Once approved, the site will go live and you will have access to the Wix dashboard.

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