Compliance Guidelines for Automated Calls

Compliance is not just a legal necessity; it's also a vital aspect of responsible engagement with your audience. We take this seriously at RoboCent, and so should you. Here's what you need to know:

Identification Requirements

Every automated call routed through our system must adhere to clear identification protocols:

  1. Initial Identification: At the beginning of each message, the entity responsible for the call must be clearly identified.

  2. Closing Disclaimer: At the end of your message, it's mandatory to state who initiated the call. The disclaimer should also include a valid, active phone number that is managed by the responsible organization.

  3. Voicemail Capability: The phone number provided in your disclaimer must have the ability to receive and record inbound voicemail messages.

Sample Message: "Hello, this is [name] on behalf of [organization's legal name]. ... This call has been paid for and authorized by [organization's legal name]. For more information, you can reach us at [10-digit phone number]."

Reminder: Automated calls to cell phones are illegal without written consent.

Our Phone List Scrubber ensures your compliance.

  • State Laws: Compliance requirements can vary by jurisdiction. Always consult your local and state laws to ensure full compliance.

  • Universal Requirement: Even if your state doesn't mandate a disclaimer, you will still need to include one when using our services.

FCC Guidelines

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has outlined specific identification prerequisites for all prerecorded voice messages. If a business or corporate entity is initiating the call, the official registered business name must be included in the prerecorded message. The phone number of the said entity should also be provided within the message.


Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in hefty fines. The FCC stipulates penalties up to $16,000 per violation. RoboCent strictly enforces these compliance requirements, and there are absolutely no exceptions for non-compliance.

For more in-depth details, please consult the official FCC documentation here.

Mandatory Keypad Opt-Out

To comply with FCC regulations, it's essential that your audio message includes an option for contacts to opt out of receiving further messages. Below are the steps to ensure your campaign is fully compliant:

  • Keypad Opt-Out Requirement: Your pre-recorded audio must specify a keypad digit for contacts to opt out (e.g., "Press 9 to opt out"). This is not optional and is necessary for RoboCent to manage your Do-Not-Call list effectively.

  • FCC-Compliant Audio: If your audio does not contain a "Press X to opt-out" message, you may request us to add one. We will add a 5-second FCC-compliant segment, potentially affecting your billing bracket.

Adherence to this mandate ensures compliant and responsible messaging.

Call Frequency Limitation

Adherence to call frequency is essential for responsible campaigning. A single phone number can only be targeted a maximum of three times within a 30-day period. (FCC Source). However, exemptions are available for tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. Still, it's crucial to balance compliance and respect for your audience's time.

Your Responsibility

RoboCent provides the tools and platforms for you to conduct your automated call campaigns, but it is crucial to understand that the ultimate responsibility for compliance lies with you, the client. While we offer features to assist with adhering to regulations, including Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, RoboCent is not responsible for any violations of local, state, or federal laws that may occur during the course of your campaign. It's imperative that you consult with legal advisors to ensure your campaign is fully compliant. RoboCent will not be held liable for any penalties, fines, or legal actions that may arise from non-compliance.

Let's prioritize compliance to ensure your campaign's success and uphold the standards that make RoboCent your trusted partner.

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