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Let RoboCent empower your voter outreach efforts with data that drives meaningful conversations. Our competitive pricing ensures cost-effectiveness, while our unwavering commitment to data quality guarantees top-notch results. Gain the upper hand with access to precise and reliable voter information, strategically targeting your audience for maximum impact. Trust RoboCent to supercharge your campaign, making every outreach a success.

  • Comprehensive Data: The data we provide to your campaign includes essential information such as voter names, addresses, districts, gender, age, registration dates, and much more. This rich dataset allows for precise targeting and effective campaign outreach.

  • Micro Targeting with Data Request: Harness the power of data to reach your desired audience effectively. Target voters based on a variety of criteria, including location (zip code, county, precinct, and more), demographics (age, sex, ethnicity), party affiliation, and voting history. Utilize advanced micro-targeting techniques to concentrate your efforts on specific voter segments, ensuring your campaign makes the greatest impact where it matters most.

  • Enhanced Data Validation Options: We take data accuracy seriously, offering an optional, advanced layer of validation for your phone data. Through this feature, you can bolster the reliability of your information, ensuring that your outreach efforts are built on the most up-to-date and dependable data available. This enhanced validation empowers you to refine your campaign targeting with precision, ultimately amplifying your impact in the political arena.

  • Competitive Pricing: Through our bulk purchasing arrangements with our data partner, we are able to offer competitive pricing for all record types. We believe in making high-quality data accessible to all campaigns, and our cost-effective pricing structure reflects that commitment.

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Standard Data Points

All data, regardless of type, includes the following information for each voter:

  • First, Middle, Last

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Party Affiliation

  • Age, dob

  • Address, Mailing Address

  • District, Precinct, County

  • Vote History

  • And more!

Why Choose RoboCent for Voter Data?

  • Precision Targeting: Leverage our high-caliber mobile and landline records to pinpoint your ideal constituents. This precision ensures your campaign messages are laser-focused, elevating both engagement and response rates.

  • Optimized Contact Rates: Our vast mobile and landline databases significantly elevate your campaign's contact rates. Utilize these reliable records to seamlessly reach voters via phone calls, text messages, and other channels, thus amplifying voter engagement opportunities.

  • Strategic Campaign Effectiveness: Harness the power of our quality data to finetune your campaign tactics. Tailor messages to resonate with key demographics or regions, thereby maximizing the reach and impact of your political outreach.

  • Robust Voter Relationship Building: Our data lays the foundation for meaningful voter connections. Craft personalized and impactful messages based on credible data to establish trust and deepen engagement, fortifying the bond between your campaign and its target audience.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Transform your strategy with data-driven decision-making. Analyze voter patterns, gauge preferences, and refine your outreach, focusing on high-impact activities that elevate the likelihood of campaign success.

  • Cost-Effective Campaigning: Maximize your ROI by utilizing our premium databases. By smartly focusing your resources, our data allows you to cut down on wasteful spending, ensuring a lean yet impactful campaign strategy.

By leveraging high-quality mobile and landline records, political organizations can enhance their campaign effectiveness, establish stronger connections with voters, and make informed data-driven decisions.

Data Types

Choose from four distinct data options. Each record comes with the standard data points.

  • Landline Phone Numbers: 3ยข per record

  • Mobile Phone Numbers: 5.5ยข per record

  • Email Addresses: 10ยข per record

  • All Voters: 3ยข per record, does not include landline/mobile/email.

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Ensuring Voter Data Accuracy

At RoboCent, we take data accuracy very seriously. Understanding the critical role accurate data plays in the success of political campaigns, we go above and beyond to ensure that our Voter Data is up-to-date, reliable, and dependable.

Source of Our Data

Our primary data is sourced directly from the State Board of Elections in each state, a highly credible and authoritative institution responsible for the maintenance of voter records. This ensures that the base data is as accurate as it gets. This data is then paired with consumer data from outside sources to provide the most accurate landline or mobile phone records for each voter. The data-pairing provided has been refined over many years of election cycles to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability.

Verification Processes

Our data undergoes rigorous verification processes, leveraging multi-source validation techniques to ensure that the contact information is accurate. These robust verification protocols reduce the likelihood of errors and improve the dependability of our data. The result is unmatched data reliability that our political organization customers can count on. When you use RoboCent's Voter Data service, you can be confident that you're working with information that will allow for precise targeting and effective campaign outreach.

Regular Updates

Our databases are updated regularly to incorporate new voter registrations, changes in voter records, and other relevant data points. We also monitor data integrity checks at frequent intervals to remove inaccuracies such as duplicate records and outdated contact details.

Validation for Precise Targeting

RoboCent provides optional validation tools for more detailed information and enhanced precision in your campaign outreach. With these tools, you can refine your data to include only validated, high-connect contact information. This level of precision is instrumental in maximizing the effectiveness of your political campaigns and outreach efforts. For a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize these optional validation features effectively, please refer to our Phone Quality Guide.

Data Integrity Through Strategic Partnerships

RoboCent has been a pivotal partner in your data-driven outreach efforts since 2016, thanks to our exclusive collaboration with a leading industry expert in voter data solutions. This expert has a long-standing reputation for proven reliability, with decades of experience in the field. We intentionally selected a partner known for their rigorous testing and unwavering commitment to quality. This partnership allows us to seamlessly integrate top-notch data into our platform, providing our clients with the most accurate and reliable voter information available.

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