Setup & Pricing

How it Works

The flat event fee includes the following:

  • One "Question Screener" to screen your callees questions

  • 60 Minutes of Air Time

  • Inbound Participation Line w/ 1,000 Minutes

  • 30 minute Training Session for your Team in Demo Environment

The event cost is based on the total number of dials based on a range. For example, if your list contains 12,000 landlines, you would fall into the 10,001-15,000 bracket.

  • Your phone list is scrubbed prior to dialing to remove any invalid, malformed, duplicate, disconnected, or mobile numbers. This will ensure you are only charged for dialing good landline numbers.

  • TeleTownHalls, by default, only contact Landline Phones due to FCC regulations surrounding pre-recorded messages. For dialing Mobile Phones to join your event, please see the “Live Agent Mobile Invite“ optional feature below.

Inbound Minutes: Only applies to inbound calls received using the “Inbound Participant Line”

  • 1,000 included

  • 10¢/minute over 1,000

Air Time: The length of time the event will last from “ON AIR” to completion

  • 60 minutes included

  • $75/minute over 60

Optional Features

Silent Moderator: RoboCent will provide a muted moderator to control the dashboard during your live event, allowing participants to go live on air and managing the flow of the event.

  • $500 Flat Fee

Question Screener: Every event must have at least one screener to manage the participants that want to ask a question. When a participant presses zero on their keypad to ask a question live on air, they first go through a screener who will take their information and screen the caller. If dialing over 10,000, we highly recommend three screeners or more to prevent bottlenecking. You may provide your own screeners that will learn how to work the dashboard during the included training session.

  • $250 Per Additional Screener

Audio Recording: Our voice talents can record your audio for you. We will help craft the script and one of our professional voice talents will record the Live Greeting, Voicemail Greeting, and Announcement RoboCall.

  • $300 Package for All Three, or $150 each.

Live Agent Mobile Invite: TeleTownHalls utilize an autodialer to contact the phone numbers on your list. Due to FCC regulations, autodialers are not permissible on mobile phones. Because of this, a standard TTH Event only targets Landline Phones. This new feature allows us to contact the mobile phones on your contact list using a live human agent. We will provide two agents to place outbound calls to all the mobile numbers on your list. After the human agent reads the invite script, the contact will be transferred to the Live TTH Event. Because these calls are completed by a live human agent (not an autodialer), this feature is completely FCC & TCPA Compliant.

  • $750 Per Event to Enable

  • +7¢ Per Mobile Number Dialed

  • $250 Per Additional Live Agent

Announcement RoboCall & Text Message: We recommend an announcement RoboCall 24 hours prior to your event. This will call all the same landline phones to let them know another call is coming in 24 hours for them to participate in the event. We also recommend a Text Message to all the cell phone numbers on your list 2 hours prior to the event, with instructions on how to dial-in to participate when the event starts.

  • 15% Discount on TTH Announcement Messaging

Extensionless Inbound Participation Line: A standard Inbound Participation Line includes a 7-10 digit extension number that must be dialed after the callee dials in. The “Extensionless” line provides your organization with a clean, standard 10-digit number that will route directly to your event without the need to enter the extension. This can help callers join your event more efficiently to maximize participation.

  • $250 Per Event


Download PDF // Event Pricing Sheet

Download PDF // Optional Feature Pricing Sheet

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