Script Content Standards

What you can (and cannot say) in Peer-to-Peer Text Messages.

Compliant and Personalized Text Messaging

This guide is your roadmap to navigating the complexities of compliant and high-impact texting in the political arena. We'll walk you through essential practices, from using Merge Fields to ensuring full Opt-Out compliance. Adhering to these guidelines is not just about meeting carrier and legal requirements; it's about maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Let's dive in.

Merge Field Basics

Merge Fields are like placeholders. Instead of writing individual messages for each contact, you use these placeholders which will be automatically replaced with the actual data when sending the message. Think of them as customizable spots in your script that will change to fit the receiver.

Why Use Them?

To personalize each message without manual effort. For instance, if you want to address each recipient by their first name, instead of typing out each name, you'd simply insert the {fname} merge field.

Essential Merge Fields:

The below merge fields are required to be used in every script to ensure carrier compliance.

  • Sender's Name: {agent_first_name}

  • Recipient's Name: {fname}

Script and Display Example:

  • Script: "Hi {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with Patterson for Senate."

    • What the Contact Sees: "Hi John, this is Sarah with Patterson for Senate."

  • Script: "Your voting location, {precinct_name} , is open from 7AM to 7PM"

    • What the Contact Sees: "Your voting location, Ocean View Rec Center, is open from 7AM to 7PM"

The referenced column for the merge field must be assigned during the Phone List Mapping step.

By implementing these Merge Fields, you not only comply with carrier regulations but also enhance the personal touch in your political outreach efforts and boost engagement.

Essential Guidelines

Ensure Compliant and High-Impact Text Messaging Campaigns

Optimize your text messaging campaigns by adhering to these guidelines. Ensure compliance, engagement, and effectiveness in one go.

Identification & Language

  • Clearly State the Organization: Always mention the registered brand responsible for sending the text for transparent communication.

  • Opt-Out Instructions: Always allow recipients a way to stop receiving messages. If omitted, RoboCent automatically adds an opt-out option, ensuring compliance and consideration for recipients' preferences.

  • First-Person Perspective: Texts should feel like a 1:1 conversation for genuine engagement.

  • Use Multiple Merge Fields: Diversify your script to avoid spam flags.

URLs & Domains

  • Legitimate Websites: URLs should lead to a website with clear ownership and purpose.

  • Full URLs: Use the complete URL with "HTTP" for compatibility, no shortened URLs.

    • Example: Use not or

  • No Redirects: URLs should remain constant when opened.

  • Healthy Domains: Use domains that are not flagged or blocked by carriers.


  • No SPAM: Messages must read naturally in the First-Person Perspective; Peer-to-Peer is a one-on-one conversation for genuine engagement.

  • Avoid ALL CAPS: Stick to proper case to reduce the risk of being blocked.

  • Avoid Flagged Words & Topics: Refer to the list of prohibited keywords and topics.

RoboCent assumes no liability for the content of your messages and offers no refunds for texts impacted by carrier filtering. Your responsibility as the user is to comply with established text messaging guidelines.

Defamation & Libel Prohibited

Follow these guidelines to craft messages that are not only compelling but also in line with carrier compliance and defamation laws.

You're permitted to make comparisons with political opponents as long as you refrain from mentioning their names directly in the text message. Explicitly using an opponent's name to imply or make conclusions is strictly off-limits and could lead to compliance issues.

Script Examples

  • Approved: "Did you hear what my opponent said last week about [topic]? Read more: [link]"

  • Approved: "My opponent has been in office for 16 years with little to show for it. Elect John Smith for real change!"

  • Prohibited: "Did you hear what Tim Potter said last week about [topic]? Read more: [link]"

  • Prohibited: "Tim Potter has been in office for 16 years and hasn't achieved much. Vote for John Smith!"

By meticulously following these best practices, you'll ensure that your campaigns are compliant, effective, and built for optimal engagement.

Flagged Keywords

Carriers have strict filtering policies, and we must adhere to them to ensure the success of our campaigns. As a result, our system restricts the use of the following keywords to prevent carrier filtering.

  • Businesses

  • COVID-19

  • Pandemic

  • Learn more

  • Register

  • Smallbiz

  • Biz

  • Free quote

  • Free

  • Bank

  • HARP

  • Department of Education

  • Entitled

  • Reduced

  • Refi

  • Refinance

  • Payment

  • Discharge

  • Lend

  • Lending

  • Profanity

  • Lender

  • Loan

  • Loans

  • Fund

  • Funds

  • Bank

  • Approval

  • Approved

  • Debt

  • Money

  • Rate

  • Apply

  • Application

  • CBD

  • Transfer

  • Qualify

  • Forgive

  • Forgiveness

  • Sex

  • Sexual

  • Firearm(s)

  • Gun(s)

  • Weapon(s)

  • Tobacco

  • Cannabis

  • Marijuana

  • Vape

  • Vaping

  • $ symbol

  • Any drug or alcohol related words

Prohibited Topics

Our commitment to ethical and compliant communication means that certain topics are strictly off-limits. These prohibited topics encompass a range of subjects, and our campaigns must avoid them at all costs to maintain our high standards of operation.

  • Commercial or sales messages

  • Personal attacks

  • Sex

  • Hate

  • Alcohol

  • Firearms

  • Tobacco content

  • Vaping

  • Weapons

  • Drugs

  • Cannabis

  • Gambling

  • Fraud

  • Spam

  • Phishing

  • Deceptive marketing

  • Distribution or malware

  • App downloads from non-secure locations

  • Loan

  • Debt consolidation

  • Debt relief

  • Student loan programs from non-lenders

  • Affiliate marketing programs seeking opt-in lists

  • Lead generation campaigns sharing information with third parties

  • Work from home opportunities

Full Opt-Out Compliance

RoboCent automatically detects Opt-Out keywords like "stop" or "unsubscribe" and adds the contact to our DNC list. This ensures they won't receive further messages from your organization.

Learn more about the Opt-Out process, or view our automatic unsubscribe keywords.

Why the Stringent Rules?

Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile use complex algorithms to block spam, which may sometimes block legitimate messages. Adhering to our guidelines helps ensure your texts are delivered and keeps your account in good standing.

What's 10DLC?

It's crucial. The 10DLC registration informs carriers about the nature of your texts, reducing the odds of them being blocked. Stay compliant and the carriers won't interfere with your messaging.

How to Succeed with Merge Fields

Merge fields pull data from your files into each text message, but only if set up correctly. Make sure you map your fields accurately using the Phone List Scrubber guide to avoid blank data.

Script Review & Responsibility

Human Review Process

When you submit a new script to RoboCent, it undergoes a manual review to help maintain platform-wide compliance. While we can either accept or reject a script, this doesn't substitute for your adherence to our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Script Content Standards.

User Accountability

If a non-compliant message gets approved, the repercussions are solely on the User who created the content. RoboCent is not liable for any script content, whether approved or rejected during the review process.

Script Modification Rights

Compliance Overhaul

RoboCent has the authority to amend your text message scripts to meet 10DLC, FCC, and TCPA regulations. If your script lacks essential details, such as Opt-Out instructions or Organization name, we may add these without prior notice.

Scope of Changes

We won't alter the tone or specific language of your script. Modifications are solely to meet carrier and regulatory requirements.

As always, ensure you are abiding by the RoboCent Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy when using our app.

RoboCent is not responsible for any omissions for content standards, or for any outcome following the use of this information. It will be the responsibility of RoboCent's Users to ensure they are following all applicable laws and regulations.

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