Landlines vs Mobile Outreach

Key Takeaway: Automated calls to cell phones are illegal without written consent.

Landline Phones Receive: Automated Voice Services

  • RoboCent's Automated Voice Messaging services include RoboCalls, Surveys, and Transfer Calls to landline phones.

  • These services use auto-dialing technology to reach thousands of landline users quickly and efficiently.

  • We remove all confirmed mobile numbers prior to dialing, ensuring strict FCC compliance with every call to protect you from potential fines.

Mobile Phones Receive: Peer-to-Peer Texting

  • RoboCent offers Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Text Messaging for individualized engagement with voters on mobile devices.

  • Aligned with FCC rules, our platform requires human-initiated texting for compliant communication - no bulk auto-texter here.

  • This enables authentic conversations for a personalized touch in your campaign.

RoboCent's Phone List Scrubber

  • Automatically identifies and separates landline and mobile numbers on your list.

  • Ensures targeted messaging for maximum impact, whether using voice or text.

Why RoboCent?

We understand the complexities of campaign communication and help you navigate the regulations. Choose RoboCent to optimize your outreach with the power of landline messaging and the personalized touch of text-based communication.

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