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Adding Text Scripts

Adding new text scripts can be done from the "Scripts" page, or while scheduling your campaign using the Scheduler.

Select the "Add New Script" button to open the Script Creator.

Intro vs Response

The Intro Script is the first initial message that will be sent to your contacts. Every campaign sent must have at least one intro script assigned.

A Response Script is any script you would like to preload to use as a response to inbound messages you receive via the Agent Portal. This is most commonly used to type out answers to common questions. If you anticipate receiving several of the same question from your voters, such as "When is Election Day?", you could create a response script to answer this question, such as "Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 2nd. I hope we can count on your support!"

Message vs Survey

The Message option sets your script to be a standard message. This is a normal text message that will be sent with no special options or questions.

The Survey option allows you to create a survey to record responses. When a contact responds to your text, you will be able to mark the survey response they provided via the Agent Portal.


A SMS stands for Short Message Service and is simply a text message that includes text characters.

A MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. MMS messages can include images graphics in addition to your text characters. If you want to send a Picture with your text, select "MMS".

How to Add a Picture or Image to a Message Script

To add a picture to your text, first select "MMS" in the top option bar.

Once MMS is selected, you will see a new button on the bottom of the Script Creator labeled "Select or Upload Image".

This will open the Image Uploader. Here, you can select a file from your computer to upload to the RoboCent app to add to your script. Either drag and drop the file to the upload box or click the upload box to enter your computers file explorer to find the file on your computer.

After uploading the file, select it using the green "Select" button below the image. Once selected, you will see the image preview on the Script Creator page.

Merge Fields

RoboCent offers Merge Fields to allow customers to merge in data from the voter file into their scripts. For example, the "First Name" merge field would add the voters first name into your script to personalize the text message.

Note: The merge fields will only work if the correct data has been mapped via the Phone List Scrubber. The Merge fields simply pull data from the file that has been provided to RoboCent. If you choose to map a field that does not exist on your voter file, the merged data will be blank.

Ensure you correctly map your fields by using the Phone List Scrubber guide.

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