Terms & Definitions

Campaign Status

  • Pending Approval

    • Campaign is awaiting review by a RoboCent admin. Please allow up to 2 hours for our team to review this message for Approval or Rejection.

  • Under Review

    • A RoboCent admin is reviewing your message request, this campaign will be Approved or Rejected shortly.

  • Processing

    • The campaign is processing, please allow more time for this process to complete.

  • Active

    • Campaign is paid and within sending hours making it eligible to begin sending.

  • Paused

    • Campaign is paused, preventing additional outbound sending. You can unpause this campaign at any time.

  • Out of Schedule

    • Campaign submitted and paid, but waiting for the selected start time/date. Once the start time/date has been reached, this campaign will switch to Active.

  • Rejected

    • This campaign has been Rejected by a RoboCent admin, a reason has been provided.

  • Carrier Reject

    • This campaign has been Rejected by the Carriers, please contact 10dlc@robocent.com for more information.

  • Pending Activation

    • This campaign will become Active once our automatic deliverability check is completed. This could take a few minutes.

  • Pending Cancellation

    • A cancellation request has been submitted. A RoboCent admin is reviewing this request to finalize cancellation. While Pending Cancellation, no additional outbound messages will be sent.

  • Complete

    • All sending has finished and this campaign is complete.

  • Cancelled

    • This campaign has been cancelled and is no longer active.

Voice Message Dispositions (Results)

The below statuses are provided by the carriers after attempting an outbound call. These results are not controlled by RoboCent and are standard industry dispositions. RoboCent has no control over the disposition of a call, this is in handled by the MNOs.

  • Answer

    • Live Human Answer.

  • Busy

    • Phone line was busy with another dial.

  • Chanunavail

    • Channel Unavailable, most likely phone is Not in Service.

  • Congestion

    • Local phone lines are congested with calls.

  • Detecting

    • The callee hangs up before the system can determine if they are an answer or machine.

  • Machine

    • Automated voicemail system answered the phone.

  • Noanswer

    • None of the above, potentially a disconnected number. Also applies to dials with no answering machine set up.

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