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This guide will assist new users in setting up their first 10DLC compliant brand.


Learn about the basics of texting compliance.

Dive into 10DLC registration with ease.

What you can (and cannot) say in scripts.

Text Registration Statuses

Your account can have one of three statues. When you first open an account with RoboCent, your Text Status with the Carriers will be Unregistered by default.

  • Unregistered

    • Unregistered is your starting point with texting. When you first join, you'll be in this phase - meaning you haven't begun 10DLC registration and cannot yet send texts.

  • Partial Registration

    • Partial Registration means you've made the first move! You've submitted the top half of the Brand Registration form. In this stage, you're allowed to send messages, but a carrier fee of 2¢ per text applies.

  • Registered

    • Once you're Registered, you've crossed the finish line and your account is approved! Congratulations!

    • You can send texts without additional fees or worries about deliverability issues.

Road to Registration

  1. Create an Account | Unregistered

    • Kickstart your political outreach journey by creating an account. It's streamlined, user-friendly, and takes just a few minutes.

  2. Register Brand | Partial Registration

    • Before you can text, you'll need to sign up with The Campaign Registry.

    • We provide a form in your account to register your brand.

    • Once completed, your status will change to Partially Registered and you can begin texting (with a 2¢ Carrier Fee)

  3. Acquire Token from Campaign Verify | Partial Registration

    • Political entities, take note! Visit Campaign Verify to verify your organization's legitimacy and obtain an authorization token. This step is required to become fully Registered

  4. Compliance Audit | Partial Registration

    • Our compliance team ensure your application is up to the mark. After a thorough assessment, you might need to tweak your website to echo carrier suggestions. For best practices, please refer to our comprehensive compliance guide. Implementing these suggestions guarantees smooth approval, preparing your messages to launch.

  5. 10DLC Approved - Schedule Your Outreach | Registered

    • Once approved by the carriers, you will be able to schedule your outreach. Our Scheduler will collect several pieces of information from you, including:

    • While you can send your messages as Partially Registered , our recommendation will always be to get fully approved to maximize your outreach budget.

  6. Launch Your Text | Registered

    • If you select the Self-Service option, your team of staff and volunteers are responsible for all outbound sending for this campaign. If you select the Managed option, RoboCent’s team of In-House Agents will handle all outbound sending.

  7. Review Results & Chat with Contacts | Registered

    • Regardless of who sends the initial text, you always have access to view the inbound responses from your contacts using the Agent Portal and provide follow-up messages to their questions.

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