Refund Policy

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Deliverability Guarantees

We have acceptable success rate margins for each service. If your campaign performance falls outside these, we will investigate.

  • RoboCent's Fault: Resending the message at no extra cost.

  • User's Fault: No refunds. Partial credits may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Third-Party Issues: Account credits are considered on a case-by-case basis.

User Responsibilities

While our platform is engineered for reliability, the onus for correctly scheduling campaigns falls on you, the user. Review all details before submitting a campaign schedule request. RoboCent is not responsible for issues like wrong scheduling or script errors, which are entirely preventable through careful planning on your part.

Refund Eligibility

  • Pre-Sending Cancellations: Full refunds, offered as account credit, are automatic for messages cancelled before they send. A refund to your payment method is available by contacting our team.

  • Post-Sending: No refunds are issued after a message is sent.

Content Compliance

Users must adhere to Script Content Standards. Non-compliance resulting in blocked messages by carriers is solely the user's responsibility. We incur costs regardless of message blockage, precluding the possibility of refunds.

Text Message Deposits

A 10% deposit may be retained for cancelled Text Messages to cover our costs incurred during set-up. However, if you reschedule with a comparable contact list, this deposit will be waived.

Voter Data Refund Policy

At RoboCent, we prioritize the quality and accuracy of our data, a commitment we take seriously. It's essential for our clients to understand our stance on the return policy concerning Voter Data.

Finality of Voter Data Purchases: Once Voter Data has been purchased and uploaded to your RoboCent account, the transaction is final and non-refundable. Voter Data sales are final due to the following considerations:

  1. The costs incurred by RoboCent to obtain this data from our providers.

  2. The data's immediate accessibility and the capability for users to download and save it locally after purchase.

We encourage clients to ensure clarity and certainty before acquiring Voter Data to avoid any misunderstandings.

HelloInbox Subscriptions

No refunds are offered for HelloInbox phone numbers.

Chargeback Policy

RoboCent understands that chargebacks are a standard consumer protection mechanism. However, initiating chargebacks for reasons outside the legitimate grounds outlined by card brands constitutes chargeback abuse. This includes filing a chargeback solely because a desired political outcome (e.g., election victory) was not achieved through the use of RoboCent's services.

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