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Transparent Pricing

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Upfront Pricing with No Subscriptions

At RoboCent, transparency is key to our pricing structure. We operate on a per-attempt basis, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for every step of the way. When you schedule a message, we provide a detailed invoice reflecting the cost per attempt - no surprises, just clear and fair pricing that aligns with your outreach budget.
Key Benefits:
  • No subscriptions, monthly fees, or minimum commits
  • Transparent, predictable pricing
  • Low minimum orders starting at just $30
  • Detailed cost summaries for each message
  • Cost Calculator for instant quotes
  • Risk-free experience with no credit card required upfront
This approach aligns with our commitment to transparency and affordability, ensuring you're never surprised by the cost and can budget effectively for campaigns of any size. Experience the RoboCent advantage today.

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RoboCent Text Messaging is the industry leading choice for TCPA, FCC, and 10DLC Compliant Peer-to-Peer Texting. Our competitive pricing ensures your messages are heard far and wide.
Message Type
Cost Per Text
Text Message (SMS)
  • 160 Characters Included
  • Additional 160 Characters: +2¢/text
Picture Message (MMS)
  • 1,500 Characters Included
  • Includes HD Picture
Video Message (MMS)
  • 1,500 Characters Included
  • Includes 60s HD Video
Managed Sending
  • Have RoboCent’s Agents handle all outbound texting.
Two Way Conversation
  • Enjoy 14 days of unlimited P2P inbound & outbound with every order! Build strong relationships through personal conversations with your contacts.
Free, Always


RoboCall pricing is tiered based on the length of your message. The price increased by 1¢ per dial based on each 15 seconds of audio on the file being sent. RoboCalls are only permitted on landline phones.
Audio Length
Cost Per Dial
0-15 Seconds
16-30 Seconds
31-45 Seconds
46-60 Seconds
Each Additional 15 Seconds
Enable voicemail at no extra cost. Charges apply based on the duration of the longest message.

Tailored to your campaign's needs, our data enables you to make informed outreach decisions, maximizing effectiveness and ROI. With our commitment to data accuracy and user-friendly accessibility, you can focus on what really matters—winning your campaign. Experience data-driven campaigning at its best, only with RoboCent.
Record Type
Cost Per Record
Landline Record
Mobile Record
Email Record
RoboCent offers voter data that is current with information such as:
  • Full Name, suffix, prefix
  • Address with house, street, city, state, zip, precinct
  • Political affiliation provided by state, or inferred based on voting trends/history
  • Age and birth year
  • Gender
  • Jurisdiction breakdown based on district, zip code, precinct, county, state
  • Demographics based on ethnicity, language, education

Transfer calls follow the same pricing logic as RoboCalls. The only difference is an additional cost of 1.5¢ is added to every dial.
Audio Length
Cost Per Dial
0-15 Seconds
16-30 Seconds
31-45 Seconds
46-60 Seconds
Each Additional 15 Seconds
Enable voicemail at no extra cost. Charges apply based on the duration of the longest message.

Surveys are a flat 3.5¢ per dial, regardless of the length of your message or the number of questions you ask. Leave voicemail messages on answering machines for an extra 1.5¢ per dial, covering up to 30 seconds of audio. Additional 1¢ charged for every 15s over the included 30s.
Voicemail Audio Length
Cost Per Dial
0-30 Seconds
30-45 Seconds
46-60 Seconds
46-60 Seconds
Each Additional 15 Seconds
Enable Voicemail Option: +1.5¢/dial, includes 30s of Voicemail Audio
  • Example based on Survey with 44s voicemail audio message:
    • Base Survey Cost: 3.5¢ per dial
    • Voicemail Option: Additional 1.5¢ per dial for the first 30 seconds of audio
    • Extra Voicemail Time: 14 seconds beyond the included 30 seconds, charged at 1¢ for each additional 15 seconds
    • Total Cost: 3.5¢ (Base) + 1.5¢ (Enable Voicemail) + 1¢ (Extra 14s of VM Audio) = 6¢/dial


On the billing page, you have the option to set up automatic payments. This feature guarantees that your messages are sent out as soon as you request them. Within our app, you can choose the credit card to be used for AutoPay, which will be charged upon message approval. Enabling this optional feature streamlines the payment process, making the completion of your messaging quick and effortless.

PDF Voice & Text Pricing Sheet

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