Phone List Scrubber

Landlines and Mobile lookups for every number, free.

Optimize Your Outreach with RoboCent's Advanced Phone List Scrubber

Elevate your campaign's reach at no extra cost with our Phone List Scrubber, meticulously designed to channel your RoboCalls to the most receptive landlines and your text messages to compatible mobile devices - while effortlessly purging all incompatible numbers from your database.

  • Precision-First Approach: Automatically identify and segregate Landline and Mobile numbers, ensuring each campaign medium targets compatible numbers for higher engagement.

  • Data Integrity: We meticulously eliminate duplicate, malformed, disconnected, and invalid records, delivering a refined list that maximizes your campaign's efficiency.

  • Streamlined Experience: Leverage our intuitive dashboard to effortlessly assign up to 17 unique headers, skillfully categorizing diverse phone types into landline and mobile groups for optimized outreach.

  • Zero Hassles, Zero Costs: Why call a fax machine when you don't have to? Our Phone List Scrubber eradicates all irrelevant and erroneous numbers, streamlining your list to focus solely on actionable data.

  • Quality Assurance: Doubts about your data's authenticity? With our Phone List Scrubber, rest easy knowing every number on your list has been verified and sorted, free of charge.

Upgrade your data management strategy with RoboCent. Because the key to a successful campaign is not just the message, but the audience that receives it.

Available Headers

  • Lead Phone

  • Voter ID

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Suffix Name

  • Address1

  • Address2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Email

  • Party

  • Gender

  • DOB

  • Link (URL)

  • Ethnicity

Column headers in your phone list don't have to match exactly. Rename them easily when you download your post-campaign report for streamlined analysis.

Optimal Formatting for Accurate Results

Ensure each phone number is complete with all 10 digits situated in a single column for maximum accuracy. Area codes should not be separated. Our intelligent scrubbing algorithm automatically eliminates parentheses, commas, spaces, and dashes. It also filters out malformed, invalid, duplicate, and disconnected numbers, leaving only premium-quality contacts on your list. The scrubbing duration averages 2-3 minutes but may vary based on the file size.

Essential Guidelines for Data Mapping:

  • The 'Phone Number' column, containing all 10-digits, is the only mandatory field for mapping. All other columns are optional but beneficial for organizing your export data post-campaign.

  • For text campaigns, the 'First Name' column must also be mapped. This is necessary for personalized messaging using the {first_name} merge field.

  • For optimal reach, map every column containing phone numbers. Our system will do the heavy lifting of identifying number types, ensuring you don't miss valuable contacts due to mislabeling.

  • Initial data preview will display only the first few rows. This streamlined approach minimizes load times without compromising data integrity.

  • Column names on the left are preset and non-editable, based on customer feedback and common field requirements. Should you encounter a mismatch between your columns and ours, you can still proceed with mapping. Such columns will appear mislabeled in the downloadable results but can be renamed locally post-download.

Our Phone List Scrubber employs cutting-edge technology, leveraging real-time data to sift through your provided phone numbers against active databases. While we strive for utmost accuracy in filtering out inactive, invalid, deactivated, and malformed numbers, it's worth noting that the system may not catch every unreachable number. This is largely due to limitations in reporting from various providers. Rest assured, our aim is to optimize your list for maximum efficiency, conserving your resources to the greatest extent possible.

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Carrier Lookup

Precision in Number Classification

Gain real-time insights into your phone list with our Carrier Lookup service. This feature conducts a live query with carriers to accurately identify whether each number is a Landline, Mobile, or VOIP. To access this classified list, simply select "Carrier Lookup" in your account, and download the enhanced file with an additional column specifying the type of each record.

Although not mandatory for utilizing RoboCent's suite of services, Carrier Lookup provides an added layer of data intelligence for external applications. Our core Outbound Messaging system already incorporates an internal lookup function to optimize your campaigns.

Pricing is easy at 3ยข per Lookup, with no charges for duplicate or invalid numbers.

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