Contact your voters with a TTH Event to answer questions Live ON AIR!

Introducing RoboCent's TeleTownHall Platform: Your Direct Line to Constituents

Unlock a revolutionary way to engage with voters through RoboCent's cutting-edge TeleTownHall (TTH) platform. Designed to bridge the gap between public figures and their audience, our TTH services enable elected officials, candidates, and VIPs to host virtual townhalls via phone, effortlessly connecting them to their targeted constituents.

How It Works: Upon joining the live call, participants have the option to press '0' to be directed to a screener. Their questions are recorded and, if selected, they get the chance to converse live on-air with the Speaker.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Precision Targeting: Strategically select your audience before the event begins to optimize reach and impact.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: By merely answering their phones, constituents can engage in the dialogue, boosting participation rates.

  • Location Flexibility: Host your TeleTownHall from anywhere—be it your home or a campaign stop—without compromising engagement.

  • Two-Way Dialogue: Foster an open platform where you can both inform and gain invaluable insights from your constituents.

  • Tailored Interactions: Opt for a focused discussion with a like-minded audience or spark a lively debate—our platform accommodates your strategic objectives.

All data, including comprehensive reports, call statistics, and recordings, will be compiled and delivered to you post-event, providing actionable insights for future outreach.

Step into the future of political communication with RoboCent's TeleTownHall platform.

Roles to Fill

There are several active roles that are required during a Live TeleTownHall Event:

  • Moderator: This role will manage the TTH dashboard, selecting who goes live on air, which questions are approved in the Speaker Queue, and controlling the flow of the event.

  • Speaker/VIP: The person or persons that will be speaking and answering questions during the event. While this role can be filled by the moderator, we do not recommend juggling multiple hats during the live event. Multiple people can be speakers.

  • Screener: This role will handle screening participant's questions, entering a 1-on-1 conversation with the participant when they press 0 on their keypad to ask a question.

Audio Recordings Needed

There are a few audio scripts that are required before we can begin a Live TeleTownHall Event:

  • Live Answer: This is the audio that will play if our outbound dialing reaches a Live Human answer. This audio will invite the callee to stay on the line to participate in our live TeleTownHall Event.

  • Voicemail Greeting: This is the audio that will play if our outbound dialing reaches a Voicemail answering machine instead of a live human. We recommend leaving a message with the Inbound Participant Line dial in number so these contacts can join the event after its started.

  • Announcement RoboCall (Optional): This optional audio is used on the announcement RoboCall that we recommend sending 24 hours prior to your event.


Step 1: Set up your TeleTownHall Event using our Scheduler

Step 2 - Within 24 hours: Our team will check the availability of your requested time slot and contact you to confirm.

Step 3 - Once Confirmed: When you are ready to proceed, we will collect the phone list to perform a Phone List Scrub and provide a invoice for payment. We will also collect the audio files needed or start the process of recording the audio with our Voice Talent. Payment is required in full before your event goes live.

Step 4 - Before Event: Our team will schedule and complete 30 minute Training Session for your team in a demo environment.

Step 5 - 15 Mins Prior to Event: All staff, including the Moderator, Speakers, and Screeners will join the Event.

Step 6 - Event Start Time: Our event operator will join the waiting room to ensure you are ready to begin. Once instructed, the operator will begin outbound dialing to your contacts.

Step 7 - Within 24 hours: Our team will email you the TTH Event report with all statistics, dial dispositions, and event audio recording.

Maximizing Impact

For Constituents: A Voice Amplified

TeleTownHalls revolutionize the way citizens interact with their lawmakers or preferred candidates. These digital townhalls not only amplify the voices of constituents but also make elected officials more accountable. Here’s how:

  • Direct Access: A live call format increases the odds of citizens directly conversing with public figures.

  • Unheard No More: Even if questions go unanswered during the live session, voicemails ensure that constituents’ concerns are prioritized for follow-up.

  • Accountability Through Publicity: The digital nature of TeleTownHalls encourages wider dissemination, thanks to real-time social media updates and recordings that can be shared and cited by media outlets.

  • Zero-Cost Participation: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, TeleTownHalls come at no expense to the participating constituents.

For Legislators and Candidates: Unbounded Outreach

Public figures find in TeleTownHalls a versatile platform that transcends geographical and logistical limitations.

  • Ubiquitous Presence: Whether on a campaign trail or confined by inclement weather, TeleTownHalls ensure that you remain connected with your base.

  • Personalized Connection: Extend your reach by coupling TeleTownHalls with live Facebook sessions, enriching the interaction with real-time comments and polls.

  • Data-Driven Dialogue: Utilize RoboCent’s live polling feature to gather instantaneous, precise feedback, enabling you to pivot your strategy or messaging in real-time.

TeleTownHalls are not just an advancement in technology; they are a leap in democratic participation. By seamlessly linking constituents with their elected officials, we are shaping the future of political engagement. Experience the potential with RoboCent—where your voice not only counts, it resonates.

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