Phone Quality Guide

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RoboCent is your go-to source for premium voter data, empowering a broad spectrum of political entities - from high-stakes campaigns to grassroots organizations. We make your outreach strategies smarter and more effective with precise, well-targeted data.

Commitment to Data Accuracy

Data quality is non-negotiable at RoboCent. The data we provide is subject to rigorous testing to meet the highest quality standards. Moreover, we offer free validation methods to enhance your data's precision and confidence levels, ensuring you get the most reliable data solutions in the industry. Rest assured, our focus is on offering the most dependable data solutions available.

Enhanced Connectivity with Optional High-Connect Filters

The quality of our base data already sets high industry standards. For campaigns aiming for even greater precision, we offer optional High-Connect Filters at no extra cost.

  • High Connect Mobile

    • High Confidence (High/Med High)

    • High Connectivity Code (1-5)

    • Validated Number

    • Exclude Numbers Ported to Landline

  • High Connect Landline

    • High Connectivity Code (1-5)

    • Validated Number

    • Exclude Numbers Ported to Mobile

Phone Data You Purchase with RoboCent

When you acquire phone data from RoboCent, the export includes several key features to streamline your political outreach. You'll find categories like PHONE_NUM and MOBILE_NUM to differentiate between landline and mobile numbers. Additional codes such as PHONE_CODE and VALIDFLAG further validate these numbers, allowing you to tailor your outreach strategy. Lastly, the DNC and DNC_MOBILE flags help you navigate compliance with the Federal Do Not Call List. It's all designed to offer you a focused and efficient way to manage your phone campaigns.

Landline Numbers (PHONE_NUM)

  • PHONE_NUM: Your comprehensive source for landline numbers, with a small subset of mobile numbers.

  • PHONE_CODE: An indicator of match strength with external data sources. Valid values range from 1 (highest confidence) to 7 (lowest).

  • VALIDFLAG: Flags the recency and validity of the landline number with valid values:

    • Y: Confirmed within the past 60 days.

    • U: Removed from our active directory.

Mobile Numbers (MOBILE_NUM)

  • MOBILE_NUM: Exclusively contains mobile numbers, although a very minute percentage may be ported to landlines.

  • MOBILE_CONF: Gauges the likelihood of reaching a specific voter, ranked from High to Low.

Do Not Call Flags

  • DNC (Landline): Filter out numbers on the Federal Do Not Call List. Valid value: Match = Y

  • DNC_MOBILE (Mobile): A similar filter for mobile numbers on the Federal Do Not Call List.

Validation Terms

  • Original Number: Includes phone numbers from self-reported voter registration forms, which could be unlisted or no longer valid.

  • Validated Number: Includes phone numbers matching an external data source.

  • Email Validation: Omit invalid email addresses from your data request.

  • Do Not Call List (DNC): Excludes numbers flagged on the National FTC Do Not Call List.

  • Phone Connectivity Codes: Numeric values ranging from 1 to 7, signifying the strength of a match based on external data. A rating of 1 represents the highest level of confidence in a match, while 7 indicates the lowest. Codes 1 through 5 are regarded as indicators of high connectivity.

  • Mobile Confidence Code: Indicates the likelihood of reaching a specific voter with a Mobile Number, ranked High to Low.

  • Landline Suppression: Suppresses phones identified as Mobile Phones ported to Landlines. The ported database is updated nightly.

  • Mobile Suppression: Suppresses phones identified as Landline Phones ported to Mobile. The ported database is updated nightly.

Possible Number Status

These statuses cover a range of conditions that phone numbers can have, affecting their ability to receive calls and messages. By using High-Connect filters, we can boost confidence in the accuracy of the phone numbers you request, ensuring they are active and up-to-date.

  • Active: The phone number is in use and can receive calls, voicemails, and messages.

  • Inactive: The number is not currently in use, but it hasn't been disconnected. It may still be reserved by the owner.

  • Ported: The number has been transferred or "ported" to a different carrier or service provider. It's no longer associated with the original carrier.

  • Busy: The number is currently engaged in a call, and another incoming call may receive a busy signal.

  • Blocked: Calls and messages from this number may be blocked, either by the recipient or by the service provider due to spam or other issues.

  • Unreachable: The number cannot be reached at the moment, often due to the phone being turned off or out of network coverage. It doesn't necessarily mean that the number is no longer in service or disconnected; it simply means that, at that moment, the call cannot be completed to the intended recipient.

  • Disconnected: The number is no longer in service and cannot receive calls. Attempts to call the number will result in a message stating that the number is no longer in service.


Below are the percentage of numbers that we can expect to be active, in-use phone numbers in our database. This is an average across over 300 million records in the United States.

  • All Landlines: 70%

  • All Mobiles: 75%

  • High-Connect Landlines: 90%

  • High-Connect Mobiles: 90%

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