Keypad Surveys

Empowering Your Campaign with Data-Driven Intelligence

We go beyond mere data collection. With RoboCent, you gain actionable insights, real-time metrics, and unparalleled flexibility.

  • Live Dashboard Monitoring: Gain immediate insights with real-time response rates on our User Control Panel.

  • Highly Customizable Audio: Tailor live answer and voicemail audios for amplified impact.

  • Cost-Effective: Secure high-grade survey results without breaking the bank.

  • Script Excellence: Utilize our proven, high-retention scripts for effective surveys.

  • 24/7 Support: Depend on our round-the-clock team for hassle-free management.

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How RoboCent Surveys Work

Harness the power of RoboCent's KeyPad Surveys to build a specialized phone tree that guides respondents with in-call keypad prompts. As the survey unfolds, monitor live responses within your user account. Once completed, receive a comprehensive report alongside the raw data. We support:

  • Unlimited Q&A: Total freedom in question and answer structuring.

  • Real-Time Metrics: View live, granular metrics directly from your dashboard.

  • IVR Technology: Employ advanced Interactive Voice Response technology for reliable data capture.

  • Event RSVPs: Swiftly gather attendance confirmations.

  • Yard Sign Placement: Secure prime locations for campaign signage.

  • Candidate Favorability: Conduct in-depth candidate assessments.

  • Pressing Issues: Gauge constituency sentiment on vital matters.

Advanced Features for In-Depth Analysis

  • Answer Randomization: Mitigate bias with optional randomized answer sequencing.

  • Multi-Modal Response Capture: Collect feedback through keypad, voice, or multi-digit inputs.

  • A/B Testing: Conduct parallel surveys for nuanced, comparative insights.

FullPAC offers complimentary resources such as the Political Polling Playbook and Survey Script Guide to ensure you have every advantage in collecting meaningful data.

Answer Randomization

At RoboCent, we understand the importance of conducting surveys that are both fair and scientifically rigorous. To that end, we offer an optional feature that randomizes the order of response options for each question. This aims to mitigate any bias that may arise from the sequence in which answers are presented to respondents.

How Does It Work?

When a voice talent records the questions, they will only record the content within the quotation marks. The "press #" options will be recorded separately to allow the randomization to happen in real time. This allows us to then programmatically randomize the answers for each question when the survey is being conducted. By doing so, we can maintain the integrity of the survey while gathering data that is unbiased and statistically sound.

Why Is This Important?

Research has shown that the sequence in which answer options are presented can subtly influence respondent choices, especially when people are unsure or indifferent. Our randomized answer sequencing is designed to neutralize this so-called "first-click" or "order" bias, thereby making your survey data more reliable.

Expected Outcomes

For robust and reliable insights, aim to secure between 500 and 600 survey responses. To achieve this level of engagement, prepare to call approximately 20,000 to 30,000 contacts. This volume is calculated based on an industry-standard live answer rate of 15-20%.

It's important to recognize that these are guideline figures and can be influenced by various external factors. Local events, seasonal variations, or even unexpected weather conditions can impact the live answer rate. Therefore, monitoring your campaign metrics in real-time is crucial for timely adjustments.

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