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General Information

Q: What is SMS outreach?

RoboCent's SMS outreach is a robust platform designed for large-scale, two-way text message conversations. It's particularly effective for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations, enabling them to reach out to extensive audiences and collect immediate feedback.

Q: Why should I choose RoboCent over other communication methods?

RoboCent distinguishes itself with personalized messaging, adherence to TCPA regulations, and the capability to harvest valuable data through interactive communication. This sets it apart from conventional bulk messaging or automated systems.

Q: What is required to schedule a message with RoboCent?

To schedule a message, you'll need to determine the start date and time, compile your contact list, and prepare your message script. You can opt for self-service or managed sending and include optional media attachments if desired.

Messaging Capabilities

Q: Can RoboCent send multimedia messages (MMS)?

Absolutely, RoboCent fully supports MMS, enabling you to send images, videos, and documents to create a more compelling and engaging messaging experience for recipients.

Q: Is it possible for RoboCent to dispatch high-definition video MMS?

Indeed, RoboCent's platform is capable of sending full HD 1080p video texts up to 60s, delivering a vivid, cinematic quality experience directly on the recipient's device.

Operational Effectiveness

Q: How does RoboCent ensure effective communication across various industries?

RoboCent's platform is versatile and streamlined, suitable for political and nonprofit communication needs. Its intuitive interface and capability for real-time interaction make it highly effective for diverse communication strategies.

Q: What kind of response rates can I expect from RoboCent's texting services?

RoboCent's person-to-person (P2P) texting services typically yield high engagement levels, boasting notable read and response rates, especially when compared with bulk SMS or email approaches.

Q: Is RoboCent's texting service in compliance with TCPA regulations?

Yes, RoboCent is crafted to comply with TCPA regulations, allowing you to communicate with confidence and without the risk of regulatory infractions, thanks to the manual nature of sending messages.

Q: What is RoboCent's stance on 10DLC compliance?

RoboCent is fully prepared for 10DLC compliance, offering a straightforward registration process and handling the bulk of associated fees. We stand by our users throughout the carrier review process, ensuring a smooth transition.

Technical Questions

Q: How quickly can messages be sent out using RoboCent?

With RoboCent, messages can be dispatched rapidly, influenced by the sender's efficiency and the volume of incoming responses. The system is optimized to balance communication speed with personal engagement.

Q: Is manual action required for each message sent on RoboCent?

Yes, to ensure personalization and maintain legal compliance, each message through RoboCent requires manual input.

Q: For how long can I use the inbox to respond to my contacts?

You have a 14-day window from the campaign's start date to communicate with your contacts via the Agent Portal.

Q: How are incoming messages managed when using the Managed Option?

Incoming messages are accessible for viewing and responding in the Agent Portal and can be directed to designated agents for the campaign.

Q: What happens if an agent becomes idle for an extended period?

To guarantee prompt responses, any conversation linked to an idle agent for more than 10 minutes may be transferred to an active agent.

Q: Is the integrity of my script maintained with In-House Agents?

Absolutely. Your script remains secure and is safeguarded against unintended modifications by our In-House Agents.

Q: Who is responsible for sending the text messages?

Text messages are sent by human agents, either selected by you or our thoroughly vetted In-House Agents. We strictly avoid using autodialers for texting, ensuring compliance with all legal mandates.

Q: What if I miss the scheduled start time for my campaign?

If payment is delayed, your campaign will be activated upon receipt of payment. For Managed sending options, our agents will commence the campaign within 15 minutes of activation.

User Experience

Q: Is RoboCent's messaging service versatile across different devices?

Yes, RoboCent's service is designed to be user-friendly and accessible on a variety of devices, including iOS, Android, PCs, Macs, iPads, and tablets.

Q: What are the costs associated with using RoboCent's text messaging service?

RoboCent offers competitive rates, often more favorable than similar services in the market. Pricing is transparent, with a per-message rate that includes both sent and received messages.

For any further details or specific queries, the RoboCent support team is ready to assist you.

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