How To: Use the RoboCent Platform

The powerful and reliable RoboCent platform, under active development with new features being released weekly.

Getting Started

Starting with RoboCent takes about 15 minutes and can be done from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This guide will take you through the steps to creating your account, adding a new organization, and scheduling your first message.


Signing up with RoboCent will have you create a user account with a unique email and password. You can do this on our login page at You will use this account to access the RoboCent platform and manage all of your sub-accounts.
Step-by-Step guide available here -> How To: Sign-Up

Create New Organization

Think of Organizations as Sub-Accounts that are there to keep your organizations organized and separated. If you are only managing a single organization, no worries! You will simply create an org for the account you manage and run everything through that account.
Create a new organization by selecting "Create New Organization" at the top of you page.
Step-by-Step guide available here -> How To: Create New Organization

Schedule Messages

Now that you've created your first organization, you're ready to schedule your first message.

What is a "Message"?

A message is an Outbound Campaign sent to your contacts. A campaign is defined by a message (voice or text) being sent to a contact list at a specific time. When you schedule a message, you will provide details that instruct RoboCent on the settings you would like active for the campaign. The Scheduler is the only page you will need to use within the app. This page will allow you to create an organization, upload files, scrub phone lists, import caller ids, and can handle everything the platform can do.
Before you schedule your first message, be sure you have the following items ready:
  • Contact List
  • Audio File or Text Script
  • Date/Time to Start Sending
Step-by-Step guide to scheduling Text Message Campaigns available here -> How To: Schedule Text Message Campaign
Step-by-Step guide to scheduling Voice Campaigns available here -> How To: Schedule Voice Campaign