How To: Schedule Text Message Campaign
Learn how to schedule your first Text Campaign with RoboCent.

The scheduler is available in your account at

Select the type of Message you want to send. RoboCent can send Text Messages to Mobile Phones and Voice Calls to Landlines.
For this guide, we will be selecting Text Marketing. For Call Marketing, view our guide by clicking here.

Select the organization you want to schedule this campaign under. The most recent org you have used within the platform will be automatically selected, but you can select any org in your account. Alternatively, you can create a new organization to use by selecting "+ Create New Organization"
Enter the name of this campaign. This is for internal use to identify this campaign from others you may schedule. (Example: Endorsement Text from Gov. Allen)

Select the Start Date, Start Time, Time Zone, and Campaign Duration for when you would like this campaign to begin sending.
Text Message Scheduler Options for
  • Start Date: The date the campaign will become active.
  • Start Time: The time, on the start date, that the campaign will become active.
  • Time zone: The active time zone to use.
  • Campaign Duration: The length this campaign is active and eligible to receive inbound responses.
    • This option does not affect the selected start time or how long it will take to deliver the messages. The Duration only affects how long the campaign is active from when starts to when it is closed.

Upload or Select the Contact List to use for this campaign.
To determine the number of Landline and Mobile Phones on this list, select the "Scrub Phone List" button. This will also have the added benefit of providing a Cost Summary that will determine the exact cost for this message before you submit.
Need Help? Click Here for our Guide -> How To: Scrub a Phone List

Create or select the Scripts you would like to use for this campaign. You can select a single intro script and as many response script as you need.
An Intro Script is the introductory message that is sent to every contact on your list. Response scripts are used when manually having a conversation with your voters to save time by preloading responses to common questions.
Need Help? Click Here for our Guide -> How To: Add New Scripts

Now, we need to decide who will be sending the Text Messages. Since all messages must (legally) be send by a human, you need to decide if you and your team will send the texts, or if you would like RoboCent's Agents to handle the outbound sending.
Not sure what to select? Click Here for our Guide to Learn More -> Who Sends The Texts?

Agents can be invited by entering their email address under the "Invite New Agent" modal. They will need to create an account to begin sending, but can be assigned before signing up.

Here, we will select the phone number information that will generate the 10-digit phone numbers used to send your text messages.
Each text sent through our platform originates from a 10-digit phone number we purchase from the carriers specifically for your account. The information you provide will help us match the phone numbers to your area to increase the likelihood your contacts will view the message.
  • Inbound Routing Number: The phone number that will ring when contacts call after receiving a text. Typically, this is a campaign line or office number.
  • Area Code: The prefix we will match when assigning the sending numbers to your campaign.
  • State: If needed, we will fallback to the state provided for sending phone numbers. This is only if there are no numbers available in the area code provided.

Now we can add a credit card and enable AutoPay. While not required, RoboCent recommends this step to automatically collect payment so your message sends at the requested time.
To add a new credit card, select "Add new Card" next to the step title. A modal will appear where you can add your credit card information.
Credit Card information is securely handled by Stripe Payment Processor.
RoboCent is a PrePay Only platform. You message will not send until we receive payment. Enabling AutoPay with a valid credit card is the best way to ensure your campaign sends at the requested time.

You are now ready to schedule your Text Message Campaign! This final step allows you to review the Cost Summary and schedule your message.
Congratulations! You have successfully scheduled your first Text Message Campaign with RoboCent! Now head to the "Live Results and Details" page to watch sending progress, in real-time!
If you selected the "Self-Service" option, remember to login at the start time to begin sending your messages via the Agent Portal. You will also receive a text reminder when you campaign becomes eligible to begin sending.
You can learn how to send messages by reading our guide -> How To: Agent Portal
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