How To: Get a Quote

Now that we have a scrubbed phone list, we can get a live quote that will calculate the cost of a campaign, down to the penny!

Get a Quote Feature

Our "Get a Quote" feature is one of the most requested features we have implemented on the platform. This feature allows customers to get the exact cost of messaging based on their voter file.
After a phone list has been scrubbed and finishes processing, users can select the "Get a Quote" button next to the file.
This button will open a modal (friendly pop-up) that calculates the cost of all of RoboCent's services based on the phone numbers provided on your list. Neat, isn't it?
You can even change the "Audio Length" or select an audio file from your account to get a quote based on your list and audio, down to the penny.
Select the text box at the top that contains the pre-loaded length of 30s. This will open a dropdown menu of the audio files that have been uploaded to your account. Selecting one of these files will automatically calculate a new quote based on the length of that message.
Alternatively, you can simply change the length of the audio by entering a new number, in seconds, that you would like a quote for.