Misc. Services Pricing

Our one-stop-shop provides everything you need to get your messages sending!

Data Management

Append Pricing

Add Data To Customer List from our Voter Data
Landline Append: 3¢/success Mobile Append: 5.5¢/success Email Append: 10¢/success
$250 Minimum
Data Match: 3¢/success
Data match is used to match data from two separate files into a single consolidated file.
Carrier Lookup: 3¢/lookup
A carrier lookup will identify mobile/landline on your phone list.
Data Management: $50
Our team will clean up your file to make sure it is fully compatible with our software. This includes organizing your phone number columns and splitting first/last names into separate columns.
List Segmentation: $50
Our team can pull out subsets of your list. For example, if you want to only contact woman over the age of 45, we can export this as it's own list for contacting. (this assumes your data has all the criteria correctly labeled that we need).

Professional Voice Talent

Audio Recording from our Male or Female Voice Talents
00 - 60 Seconds: $100
Over 60 Seconds: $175

Scheduler Help

Guided Setup: $50 per campaign
While our system is completely Self-Service and can be used on your own, our team is available to help walk you through the Scheduler to guide you on the correct settings to choose. We can even schedule the message on your behalf by contacting our support team.

Graphic Design

New Logo Design: $350
Custom Graphic Design: $250
Need a campaign logo, YardSign, 4x8, or flyer designed? We can help! Contact our graphic design team to help modernize your campaign with attention grabbing flyers to send with your text message campaign.

Rush Fees

Get your message sending as a rush order in as little as 15 minutes!
Text Message, under 2h: $50
RoboCall, under 2h: $50
Transfer, under 2h: $50
Survey, under 4h: $100

Minimum Order Requirements

Every message type has a minimum amount that will be charged, regardless of the number of people you're contacting. Below are the minimum order amounts for our services.
Text Message: $30
RoboCall: $30
Transfer: $30
Survey: $75
TeleTownHall: $1,400
Voter Data: $30