Pricing Explained

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How Our Pricing Works

While other providers require a subscription, contract, minimum commit, or use a credit system, RoboCent opted for a much simpler approach. Our pricing structure doesn't require you to spend thousands of dollars up front, commit to volume you are not sure of, or purchase credits that expire in a few weeks.
Instead, we provide an invoice when you schedule your message that covers the exact cost of sending your campaign, and not a penny more. Using this "Invoice Per Campaign" model, we can provide the most transparent cost information possible, showing our customers exactly how much each campaign will cost. This also makes it extremely easy for our customers to figure out the cost for a message - before they spend a penny!
RoboCent's Platform is PrePay only and charged on a per record basis. This means we charge for each number we attempt to contact with a RoboCall or Text Message.


  • No Subscriptions!
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • No Minimum Commits!
  • No Contracts!
  • No Credits that expire every month!
  • Transparent, Predictable Pricing
  • Low Minimum Orders ($30)

Commitment to Transparency

RoboCent takes great strides to ensure our pricing is easy to understand, affordable for our users, and puts our customers first. We never want you to be surprised by the cost of our services and are committed to ensuring our pricing stays affordable for campaigns of every size.

Cost Summary

Before submitting a campaign to RoboCent, we provide a detailed breakdown of the cost associated with sending your message based on the options selected and the number of contacts. We call this the Cost Summary and it is part of our commitment to transparent pricing for our customers.
Example Cost Summary for Text Message Campaign
This cost is calculated based on the number of phone numbers provided on your contact list. We can determine the number of phone numbers (landlines and mobile) using RoboCent's complementary Phone List Scrubber.

Cost Calculator

We provide a Cost Calculator on our homepage that allows customers to get accurate quotes for messaging based on estimates they may have for a list size or audio length. This provides a rough estimate of associated costs for users as a first step.

No Credit Card Required

You can signup, upload files, record your audio, and schedule your message - all without adding a credit card. If you're not happy with the price, simply cancel your message and be confident you won't be billed for anything at all. This risk-free experience allows our customers to experience our Self-Service platform without worry.

Phone List Scrubber

Because we charge per dial/text and not per success, we need to make sure we remove as many inactive numbers from your list as possible prior to messaging. This will make your list smaller than it was originally, but only because we're removing inactive numbers that cannot be reached anyways.
On average, high-quality and up-to-date lists will have a smaller percentage of numbers removed. Older, lower-quality lists will have a higher percentage of numbers removed. All lists will lose some numbers because the Phone List Scrubber is using a real-time database of known good/bad numbers to check against. So even if you got your list yesterday, it's possible we remove some of the numbers that have been reported as inactive by the carriers - in real time!
Need a guide on how to use the Phone List Scrubber? Click Here -> How To: Scrub a List

"Get a Quote" Feature

Our "Get a Quote" feature is one of the most requested features we have implemented on the platform. This feature allows customers to get the exact cost of messaging based on their voter file.
After a phone list has been scrubbed and finishes processing, users can select the "Get a Quote" button next to the file.
This button will open a modal (friendly pop-up) that calculates the cost of all of RoboCent's services based on the phone numbers provided on your list. Neat, isn't it?
You can even change the "Audio Length" or select an audio file from your account to get a quote based on your list and audio, down to the penny.