Signing Up

Learn how to create an account to Sign-Up with RoboCent.

Creating an account

To get started with RoboCent, you will first need to create an account. This will be a unique email and password that you use to access the RoboCent platform.

Step 1: Sign Up

If this is your first time using RoboCent, you will need to signup to create a email and password combination. First, select "Don't have an account? Sign Up" below the Continue button.

Step 2: Email & Password

Enter your email and type a new password to create your account. When this information is provided, you can select "Continue" to enter the platform.
Be sure to remember your email and password! This will be required to access the RoboCent app. If you forget, you can reset your password by selecting "Forgot Password" on the login page.

Step 3: Select Role

The first thing you will see is your Role Selection. This will determine the level of access you have within the RoboCent platform.
If you are responsible for uploading files, scheduling messages, paying invoices, or viewing results, you will need to select the "User" role.
If you are a Texting Agent and will only be sending outbound text messages through the Agent Portal, you can select the "Agent" role.

Step 4: User Information

Now, we need to collect your personal information. This information is for you personally, not your campaign, organization, or customer. We are required to collect this information for legal purposes in case of irresponsible (attempted spam or scams) use of our platform.
Learn more about responsible use of the RoboCent platform by reading our Acceptable Use Policy.

Step 5: Accept ToS

Accept the Terms of Service. Declining the ToS will prevent your access to the RoboCent platform.
Success! You are now registered with the RoboCent platform.
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