Crafting the Perfect Script

by FullPAC

Jumpstart Your Campaign with Our Expertly Crafted Text Message Scripts!

Streamline your political campaign communication effortlessly. Explore our top-tier text message scripts for a head start. If you need help with tone selection, check out our guide below.
Our scripts are customizable, engaging voters, fostering volunteers, and keeping your community informed. They strike the right balance between professionalism and personal touch. Let them be the voice of your campaign – no need to start from scratch!
Remember to abide by the Script Content Standards to ensure your scripts are approved by the carriers.

Engagement Scripts

Engagement Scripts are designed to inspire action and participation from your audience. These scripts focus on mobilizing voters, raising funds, and encouraging volunteerism. Whether you're drumming up excitement for an event or encouraging voters to get to the polls, these messages aim to get people actively involved in your campaign.
GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote)
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name], and we have a vital message for you as we approach Election Day. Your vote is your voice, and it's more important than ever to exercise this fundamental right. Did you know that in the last election for [Political Office], only [X]% of eligible voters actually cast their ballots? Imagine the difference we could make if everyone took the time to vote!
[Candidate Name] is committed to [key issue/promise] and needs your support to bring about the change our community deserves. But change can't happen without participation. Don't let others decide your future for you; make sure to cast your vote and make your voice heard.
For your convenience, polling stations are open from [time] to [time] on Election Day, which falls on [date]. If you're unsure where your nearest polling station is, click this link to find your precinct: [link to polling locations].
Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires active participation from citizens like you. Let's aim for a historic turnout this year and prove that our community is engaged, informed, and proactive.
If you've already voted, thank you for doing your part. If you haven't, please consider this your friendly reminder to be a part of something bigger than yourself. See you at the polls!
To opt out of future messages, simply reply with 'Stop'.
Hello {fname}, it's {agent_first_name} from [Organization Name]. We need your support now more than ever! Funding is the fuel that keeps this campaign moving forward. Your contribution could help us reach more voters, disseminate our message, and ultimately win the race for [Political Office]. [Candidate Name] is dedicated to [key issue/promise], but we can't do it alone. Every dollar you contribute brings us one step closer to a better future. Make your impact today by clicking this link to donate: [link to donation page]. Remember, change starts with you! To opt out, reply with 'Stop'.
Volunteer Recruitment
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? We could really use a hand! Volunteers are the backbone of our campaign, helping [Candidate Name] spread the word and make crucial connections. We have various opportunities for you to get involved - from phone banking to door knocking, social media sharing to event organizing. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change. Click here to become a part of our volunteer army: [link to volunteer sign-up]. We look forward to making history with you. To opt out of future messages, reply with 'Stop'.
Event Invitation
Hi {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} from [Organization Name]. We're thrilled to invite you to an engaging Town Hall meeting featuring [Candidate Name]. It's happening on [day] at [location]. This event is more than just a meeting; it's an opportunity for you to speak directly with [Candidate Name] about the issues that matter to you and your community. We're eager to hear your thoughts and include them in our mission for change. We look forward to seeing you there! To opt out of messages, reply with Stop.

Informational Scripts

Informational Scripts serve as a reliable resource for keeping your audience informed and updated. These scripts cover essential topics like voting logistics, policy updates, and post-election gratitude. They are tailored to offer valuable details that empower voters to make informed decisions, keeping them engaged in the political process without explicitly calling them to immediate action.
Candidate's First Text Introduction
Hello {fname}, my name is [Candidate Name], and I'm running for [Political Office]. I've teamed up with [Organization Name] because I believe in the power of grassroots movements and community engagement. My main focus for this campaign is [key issue/promise]. It's not just a talking point for me; it's a commitment backed by years of [relevant experience or advocacy]. I'm dedicated to making our [town/city/state] a better place for everyone, and I want to bring your voice into the decision-making process. As we embark on this journey, I'll be sharing updates, volunteer opportunities, and ways you can make a difference. I'm excited for us to bring meaningful change to our community together. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail! Message sent with the help of {agent_first_name}. Want to Opt-Out? Reply w/ Stop.
Early Voting Reminder
Hi {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} from [Organization Name]. Great news—early voting starts today for the election for [Political Office]. This is a golden opportunity to avoid the Election Day crowds and make your voice heard right away. [Candidate Name] is counting on your support to bring positive changes to our community. Need assistance with the voting process? Feel free to respond to this text, and someone from our team will be more than happy to help you out! To opt out of future messages, reply with Stop.
Absentee Ballot Reminder
Hi {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. The clock is ticking to request your absentee ballot for the upcoming election. Make sure you don't miss out on voting for [Candidate Name], who is committed to making our community better for everyone. Democracy thrives when every voice is heard, so let's make sure yours counts. To stop receiving messages, reply with Stop.
Voter Awareness
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. We're gearing up for the crucial upcoming election for [Political Office]. The stakes are high, and [Candidate Name] is dedicated to addressing [key issue/promise], a concern we believe resonates deeply with our community. Don't miss out on being part of this vital decision-making process—make sure to exercise your right to vote and let your voice be heard! Want to Opt-Out? Reply w/ Stop.
Candidate's Weekly Update
Hello {fname}, I'm {agent_first_name} from [Organization Name]. Another busy week has passed for [Candidate Name], who has been meeting with community leaders and activists to discuss [key issue]. This dialogue is crucial for shaping a campaign that truly represents us all. Your support has been invaluable in gaining this momentum, and we're excited to keep pushing forward. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved! To opt out of messages, reply with Stop.
Policy Spotlight
Hey {fname}, it's {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. We want to shine a spotlight on a key policy area that [Candidate Name] is passionate about: [policy area]. We're not just about promises; we're about plans that will genuinely improve our community. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to [policy area] and how you can get involved to make it a reality. Your support makes a world of difference. To opt out, reply with Stop.
Thank You Message Post-Election
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. As the dust settles and we await the final election results, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude. Your support and civic engagement have been instrumental to this campaign. Democracy truly is a collective effort, and you've proven to be a most valuable player on this team. Thank you for standing with us. To stop receiving messages, reply with Stop.

SMS Survey Scripts

Polling Scripts are specialized texts designed to gauge public opinion and collect data directly from your audience. These scripts are vital for understanding voter sentiment on various issues, candidate preferences, and overall campaign effectiveness. Utilize these scripts to conduct quick surveys, issue-based polling, or even exit polls on election day. By employing Polling Scripts, you can acquire real-time insights that can inform campaign strategies, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for better engagement and outcomes.
Voter Sentiment Check-in
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. As the election season ramps up, we want to understand what issues matter most to you. Your voice will guide [Candidate Name] in making meaningful decisions for our community. Please share your thoughts by taking our quick voter sentiment check-in. To participate, click on the following link: [link to survey]. To unsubscribe, reply "stop."
Issue-Based Quick Poll
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. We're conducting a quick poll to understand where our community stands on key issues like healthcare, education, and the environment. Your opinion will help [Candidate Name] focus on what truly matters. Participate in our issue-based quick poll by clicking on the following link: [link to survey]. To opt-out, reply with "stop."
Candidate Favorability
Your opinion matters, {fname}! [Republicans/Democrats] want to know who you support in the [Election].
3-QUESTION SURVEY >>> [link to survey]
Message sent by {agent_first_name}, on behalf of [Organization Name]. Reply STOP to END
Community Issues Survey
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. We are committed to making our community a better place, but we need your input. What are the pressing issues you'd like [Candidate Name] to address? Please fill out our quick community issues survey by clicking here: [link to survey]. Want to Opt-Out? Reply w/ "stop".
Campaign Effectiveness Survey
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. As we near the end of this campaign season, we’d like to know how we're doing. Your insights will help [Candidate Name] fine-tune future outreach efforts. Please take a moment to complete our campaign effectiveness survey by clicking on the following link: [link to survey]. To end further communication, reply with "stop."
Policy Opinion
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. We're working to make policies that truly represent the needs and desires of our community. Could you please share your thoughts by taking our general policy survey? Just follow this link: [link to survey]. Opt-Out w/ "stop".

Running SMS Surveys

Two Effective Approaches
At RoboCent, we offer two highly effective methods for conducting SMS Surveys. Choose the approach that best aligns with your campaign goals and resources.
Option 1: Link-Based Survey
In this approach, your message contains a link to an external survey platform where recipients can share their opinions. This method is highly efficient and automated, requiring minimal hands-on engagement from your team.
Hello {fname} this is {agent_first_name} from [Organization Name]. We value your opinion on [Issue/Topic]. Please click the link to complete our quick survey: [Survey Link]. To opt-out, reply with 'Stop'.
Our team can manage the entire survey process for you, including the creation of voter-specific URLs. This allows you to not only collect valuable information but also to know exactly who it's coming from. Contact our team to get started.
Option 2: Interactive Messaging Survey
For a more personalized touch, you can engage your contacts in a back-and-forth text dialogue. This approach requires a dedicated team to manage the ongoing conversation and gather responses manually.
How It Works:
  1. 1.
    The initial text message is sent to your contact list, either by RoboCent if you opt for the Managed Service, or by the client directly if you choose the Self-Service option during scheduling.
  2. 2.
    Once the initial messages are sent, your team of staff and volunteers take over the conversation. Utilizing the Agent Portal, they engage in personalized, one-on-one interactions to collect survey responses from recipients.
Note: While RoboCent can handle the delivery of your initial messages, the client's team is responsible for managing any subsequent back-and-forth communication to conduct the survey.
Hi {fname}, it's {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. Quick question: On a scale of 1-5, how important is [Issue/Topic] to you? Your feedback helps us focus on what matters most to our community. Want to opt-out? Reply w/ 'stop'.
Choose the survey method that fits your campaign's needs for a successful and meaningful outreach.

Issue-Specific Fundraising Scripts

We understand that voters are motivated by issues that deeply affect their lives, and fundraising around these critical matters can be a game-changer for any campaign.
Our meticulously crafted scripts focus on the top issues that matter most to Americans today, from healthcare and education to social justice and the environment. Each script is designed to not only inform voters about your candidate's stance but also to inspire immediate action through emotionally compelling calls to donate.
Feel free to use these as a baseline for your campaign's unique messaging, and watch your fundraising efforts soar. Let's make a real impact on the issues that matter - one text, one donation at a time.
Healthcare Reforms Script
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with Friends of [Candidate Name]. Imagine a world where healthcare is a right for all, not just a privilege for the few. [Candidate Name] is committed to tearing down the barriers to affordable healthcare. Your donation of $5 or more can be a step towards this humane vision. Don't let this dream be deferred. [link to donate]. To Opt-Out, reply w/ Stop.
Economy and Jobs Script
Hi {fname}, I'm {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. Are you tired of policies that benefit the wealthy while ordinary families struggle paycheck to paycheck? So is [Candidate Name]. Your contribution can help us rewrite the rules and build an economy that includes everyone. Take a stand now. [link to donate]. Opt-Out? Reply w/ Stop.
Education Funding and Policies Script
Hello {fname}, it's {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. Our children deserve top-notch schools, dedicated teachers, and a future full of promise. [Candidate Name] is passionate about elevating our education system. Can you donate $10 to invest in our future leaders? Let's empower the next generation together. [link to donate]. Reply Stop to End.
Immigration Policies Script
Hi {fname}, I'm {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. Our immigration system is in desperate need of humane reform, and [Candidate Name] has the courage to fix it. Stand with us for fair and respectful immigration policies. Your donation can be the change catalyst we need. [link to donate]. Reply Stop to End.
Climate Change and Environment Script
Hello {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with [Organization Name]. Time is running out to save our planet, but [Candidate Name] has a groundbreaking vision for a sustainable world. This is our moment. Donate today to join us in the fight for a greener, cleaner tomorrow. [link to donate]. Opt-Out? Reply w/ Stop.
Racial and Social Justice Script
Hi {fname}, it's {agent_first_name} from Friends of [Candidate Name]. Discrimination, inequality, and social injustice have no place in our community. [Candidate Name] is committed to fighting for a more equitable society. Your donation today will fuel the movement for a more inclusive tomorrow. Be the change. [link to donate]. Reply Stop to End.
Infrastructure Improvement Script
Hi {fname}, this is {agent_first_name} with Friends of [Candidate Name]. Our roads, bridges, schools, and public systems are crumbling. [Candidate Name] wants to rebuild America for the 21st century. Your donation will fuel the change our infrastructure desperately needs. Let's build a better tomorrow, today. [link to donate]. Opt-Out? Reply w/ Stop.

Selecting the Perfect Tone

When crafting text message scripts for your political campaign, it's crucial to consider the tone you want to convey to your audience. The tone you choose should align with your campaign's goals and the specific message you're delivering. Here are some tone options along with descriptions and examples for each type:
  • Inspirational Tone:
    • Description: An inspirational tone is ideal for motivating and energizing your audience. It's all about stirring emotions and inspiring action.
    • Example: "Join us in making history! Your vote can shape the future of our community. Let's come together and create a brighter tomorrow. Voting for [Candidate Name] is your chance to make a difference."
  • Friendly and Approachable Tone:
    • Description: This tone exudes warmth and approachability, making your audience feel comfortable and valued.
    • Example: "Hi there, {fname}! It's {agent_first_name} from [Organization Name]. We're here to help you every step of the way. Have questions about voting? Just reply, and we'll provide all the info you need."
  • Informative and Educational Tone:
    • Description: An informative tone is perfect for delivering important details and updates to your audience while maintaining a neutral and educational style.
    • Example: "Stay informed about the upcoming election! Early voting starts today, and we're here to guide you through the process. Avoid the Election Day rush and cast your vote now for [Candidate Name]."
  • Urgent Tone:
    • Description: When time is of the essence, an urgent tone can be effective in encouraging quick action from your audience.
    • Example: "Time is running out! Request your absentee ballot today to ensure your vote counts for [Candidate Name]. Don't wait—let's make a difference together!"
  • Gratitude and Appreciation Tone:
    • Description: Expressing gratitude and appreciation can foster a sense of community and recognition among your audience.
    • Example: "Thank you, {fname}, for being an active participant in our democracy. Your support for [Candidate Name] means the world to us. Together, we'll achieve great things."
  • Professional and Authoritative Tone:
    • Description: A professional tone conveys authority and seriousness, often suitable for policy-related messages or formal announcements.
    • Example: "This is an official message from [Organization Name]. We want to ensure your voice is heard in the upcoming election. Stay informed and vote for [Candidate Name] to shape our community's future."
  • CTA-Driven (Call to Action) Tone:
    • Description: When you want your audience to take immediate action, a CTA-driven tone emphasizes the urgency of the message.
    • Example: "It's time to act! Early voting has begun. Head to the polls now and support [Candidate Name]. Every vote counts, and we need yours!"
Choose the tone that best suits your campaign's objectives and the specific message you want to convey. Remember, crafting the right tone can significantly impact how your audience engages with your campaign's messages.
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