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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know.

Getting Started with RoboCent's Text Messaging Service

How do I start using the service? Explore our comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions to kickstart your journey with us.
What's 10DLC and why is it important? 10DLC is a requirement for compliance. Visit our 10DLC page to learn more.

Planning Your Campaign

What do I need to schedule a text message campaign? Specify the start date, time, contact list, and script. Choose between self-service or managed sending options, and include optional media.
What's the difference between self-service and managed sending options? In self-service, your team handles all outbound messaging. In the managed option, RoboCent’s In-House Agents execute all outbound sending for guaranteed promptness.

Cost and Billing

How is the service priced? SMS costs 5¢ per 160 characters; additional characters add 2¢. MMS costs range from 10¢ to 12¢. Managed sending adds an extra 2¢ per text. Volume discounts are available.
Compliance and Approval
Why is there an approval process? The process ensures your campaign adheres to regulations. Approval or rejection happens within 2 hours.

Messaging and Content

Can I include media in my text messages? Yes, adding pictures, videos, or links significantly increases engagement.
How long can I access the inbox to respond to my contacts? You'll have 14 days from the start date to converse with your contacts using the Agent Portal.
How are inbound messages managed in Managed Option? You'll always have access to view and reply to inbound messages via our Agent Portal. They are automatically routed to any agents you manually assign to the campaign.
What if an agent is idle for more than 10 minutes? Idle conversations may be re-routed to an active agent to ensure timely replies.

Security and Script Integrity

Is my script secure with In-House Agents? Absolutely, your script is locked from any accidental edits by our In-House Agents.

Sending Text Messages

Who sends the text messages? Texts are sent by human agents, either your own or RoboCent’s vetted In-House Agents. We do not use autodialers for texting, complying with legal requirements.
What happens if I miss the scheduled start time? If payment is late, your campaign activates upon payment receipt. With Managed sending, our agents will start within 15 minutes of activation.
Feel free to reach out for any further clarification or inquiries. Thank you for considering RoboCent for your text messaging needs; we're committed to optimizing your political outreach.
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