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Instant Quote Feature: Streamlined Budgeting at Your Fingertips

The "Instant Quote" feature is a game-changer, specifically designed to streamline your budgeting process. Calculate the exact cost of your campaign with utmost precision, thanks to this highly-requested tool.

Once your phone list has been optimized by our Phone List Scrubber, locate the Get a Quote button adjacent to your file.

Clicking the button activates an intuitive pop-up that instantly calculates the cost for all RoboCent services, based on your provided phone numbers. Tailor your quote by selecting from pre-loaded audio files or inputting a custom audio length. Get a quote that's accurate down to the last penny, enabling better budget allocation.

Select the text box at the top that contains the pre-loaded length of 30s. This will open a dropdown menu of the audio files that have been uploaded to your account. Selecting one of these files will automatically calculate a new quote based on the length of that message.

Alternatively, you can simply change the length of the audio by entering a new number, in seconds, that you would like a quote for.

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