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Turnkey Phone Outreach

Your campaign deserves more than just phone outreach; it demands a full-spectrum strategy aimed at voter mobilization and brand elevation. At FullPAC, we craft custom, budget-conscious strategies aligned with your specific objectives. Our Campaign Success Consultants work in synergy with your team to deliver unparalleled expertise in planning, data analytics, and execution. Elevate your outreach and let FullPAC steer your campaign to victory.

Why Choose FullPAC?

  • Turnkey Phone Outreach: You set the budget, we bring it to life. FullPAC manages your phone outreach from start to finish.

  • Transparent, Predictable Pricing: True to RoboCent's ethos of transparency, our pricing model is crystal clear. You hold the reins of your budget.

  • Adaptive Scalability: Seamlessly scale your outreach with our flexible budgeting. All without long-term commitments.

  • Real-Time Insights: Leverage real-time analytics to make informed, strategic decisions, sharpening your competitive edge.

  • Strategies Powered by RoboCent: Every Outreach Plan we prepare is executed on RoboCent's trusted platform, ensuring reliable message delivery and full compliance.

FullPAC vs. Self-Service

FullPAC offers a comprehensive, expert-led campaign management solution, ensuring your outreach is effective and your strategy is optimized. With FullPAC, every aspect of your campaign is meticulously managed for success.

RoboCent Self-Service provides an intuitive platform for those who prefer direct control over their campaigns, complemented by in-depth guides and transparent pricing.

Choose the service that best meets your campaign's needs: FullPAC for a fully managed, expert-driven campaign, or RoboCent Self-Service for a more hands-on, controlled approach.


Self-Service App

FullPAC Strategy

Outreach Messaging Strategy

Utilize our extensive guides to find the strategy that works best for you.

FullPAC experts craft and manage a custom strategy aligned with your campaign objectives.

Message Scheduling

Direct scheduling by your team using the self-service platform.

FullPAC consultants handle all scheduling for optimized outreach.


Pay-as-you-go with no hidden fees. Standard messaging pricing applies.

Consulting Fee of 10% is paid directly to FullPAC for the creation of your specific Outreach Plan.

Budget Control

Complete control with clear per-message costs.

Set your Outreach spending limits. FullPAC builds a unique plan based on your budget.

Data Segmentation

Manage and segment your own database.

FullPAC provides targeted data segmentation and management to target voters effectively.


Direct access to RoboCent's robust platform.

All Outreach Plans are executed on the RoboCent platform.


Our team will develop an outreach strategy tailored to your budget, driving immediate impact.

  • Messaging Budget: Minimum commitment of $1,000 for outreach.

  • Consulting Fee: A straightforward 10% on top of your messaging budget.

  • Non-Expiring Funds: Unused funds from previous outreach budgets? No worries. They automatically roll over without any fees or expiration.

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RoboCent's Self-Service Platform

Want to execute your plan yourself? Explore RoboCent's pay-as-you-go platform to schedule a powerful phone outreach campaign on your own terms. With RoboCent, you'll also gain access to FullPAC's extensive complementary strategy guides. These guides are designed to walk you through each stage of your campaign, equipping you with the know-how to maximize your messaging effectiveness. Your budget shouldn't be a barrier to achieving your campaign goals - and with RoboCent, it won't be.

Onboarding Process

  1. Contract and Deposit: Once we agree on the terms, we initiate your account setup to jump-start your campaign.

  2. Strategic Planning: Our team drafts a full-scope Outreach Plan designed to execute on your goals and maximize voter outreach.

  3. Review and Approval: The plan is submitted for your review to gain feedback and the green light.

  4. Implementation: Upon approval, our experts manage the scheduling of all your outbound messages.

  5. Real-Time Monitoring: Your team receives a summary of scheduled messages, along with real-time tracking results.

How We Deliver

Tailoring Solutions to Your Unique Needs.

  1. Consultation & Alignment: A preliminary discussion to assess your specific needs and confirm that our services align with your objectives.

    • Data Acquisition: We provide a detailed quote based on the phone numbers available in your target district. If you already have your own data, our team will conduct a complimentary quality check on the phone numbers.

    • Set the Budget: You define the weekly spending limit for your phone outreach, giving you control over every penny.

  2. Outreach Proposal: Our seasoned experts draft a tailored outreach plan, optimized to meet your goals.

    • Review: Your team has the opportunity to review and suggest adjustments to the proposal.

    • Approval: Once you're satisfied, sign the contract and proceed with payment to kickstart your outreach.

  3. Execution: Your dedicated Campaign Success Consultant will begin implementing your plan.

    • Data Segmentation: Our team fine-tunes your data, creating targeted voter segments to optimize the impact of your messages.

    • Schedule Messages: All messages are scheduled in your account according to the approved proposal.

    • Live Results: Stay informed with real-time analytics. With links to live results, you can monitor the effectiveness of your outreach in real-time.

  4. Ongoing Optimization: Our commitment to your success doesn't end with execution. Week by week, we meticulously fine-tune and improve your outreach plan to ensure maximized and sustained engagement.

    • Performance Analysis: We conduct in-depth analysis of outreach performance, identifying areas for enhancement and efficiency.

    • Audience Expansion: We explore opportunities to expand your target audience, broadening your campaign's reach.

    • Message Refinement: Our experts continuously refine your messaging strategy to resonate with your audience and maximize impact.

Service Portfolio

Whether you're working on a tight budget or have room for expansive campaigns, we have a suite of messaging services designed to scale to your specific needs.

Whether you're working on a tight budget or have room for expansive outreach, we have a suite of messaging services designed to scale to your specific needs.

Voter Data

Access accurate and up-to-date voter information to target your outreach effectively, using demographics, voting history, and more.

P2P Text Message

Engage voters on a personal level with Peer-to-Peer text messages, perfect for sending rally notifications, donation appeals, or important campaign updates.

P2P MMS Image/Video Messaging

Add a dynamic touch to your text messaging campaigns with multimedia content such as images or videos, making each interaction more memorable and impactful.


Deploy automated voice messages to landline phones for an efficient way to send mass reminders or straightforward messages.

Transfer (Press 1) Calls

Facilitate deeper engagement with landline recipients who can press '1' to connect directly with a live agent or campaign representative, excellent for volunteer onboarding or donation collection.

IVR Keypad Survey Calls

Use Interactive Voice Response technology on landline phones to gather real-time data on voter opinions and preferences through keypad-based surveys.


Host live, moderated public forums via landline to connect with a broader audience, answer questions, and delve into key issues affecting your constituents.


Maximize your campaign's fundraising potential with our text-to-donate service, using direct CTAs linked to easy donation pages for quick supporter engagement to effectively raise campaign funds.

Elevate your campaign's impact with RoboCent's Professional Voice Talent service, providing engaging and credible voiceovers that resonate with your audience.

We offers quick, compliant, and cost-effective website solutions, consolidating campaign information and enhancing voter trust, with options for customization and support to suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Can We Get Started? Initiate campaign impact now. Schedule a call with our Campaign Success Consultants to commence your campaign today.

What Happens If We Exceed Our Budget? No need for concernโ€”overspending isn't an option. Our tailored outreach plans are designed meticulously to align with your specified budget.

How Does the Weekly Budget Work? Your weekly budget serves as the agile financial framework for your campaign, covering a seven-day cycle. It finances all outbound messaging via the FullPAC platform and can be adjusted weekly for optimal performance.

Can We Alter the Weekly Budget? Absolutely. Maintain full control by adjusting your weekly budget at the start of any new week.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept? Multiple payment methods are supported: credit card, wire transfers, and checks. Please note, all funds must be cleared before message deployment. A 2.9% processing fee applies to credit card transactions.

What Does the Weekly Messaging Budget Cover? This budget underpins all RoboCent platform activities for the week, with the scale of outreach determined by your contact list and financial allocation.

How Do You Ensure Data Security? Your campaign's confidentiality is safeguarded through multi-layered security protocols, including robust encryption and firewalls, all in compliance with industry standards.

Is FullPAC a Non-Partisan Service? Yes, RoboCent and FullPAC are non-partisan platforms. We are committed to delivering tailored, cost-effective outreach solutions to all campaigns, irrespective of political allegiance.

Stress-Free Campaigning

With FullPAC, stress-free campaigning is not just a promise; it's a guarantee. Our turnkey solutions for political phone messaging mean we handle everything from planning and strategy to execution and analytics. By choosing FullPAC, you're not only opting for a service, you're investing in a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that enables you to focus on your primary goal: winning your campaign.

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