Personal DNC Request

Our Commitment to Non-Intrusive Messaging

RoboCent upholds a strict internal Do-Not-Call (DNC) policy. To protect your privacy and preferences, every phone number managed through our platform is proactively cross-referenced against both our internal master and client-specific DNC lists. This process ensures that numbers that have requested to be opted-out are not contacted by any RoboCent service, whether by call or text.

You have the option to add your number to our internal DNC list at any time, even if you have not previously been contacted by us. Once added, your number will be shielded from communications from all RoboCent clientsโ€”a network exceeding 3,000 customers.

Our commitment to responsible communication extends to our customer base as well; we do not serve clients who engage in spam activities. The majority of our clients are political campaigns, which, as per FCC and federal law, are legally permitted to engage in phone messaging for electoral purposes. Nonetheless, compliance with our Responsible Use Policy is a strict requirement for all clients.

Our DNC request form is a voluntary option for U.S. voters who prefer not to receive phone messages, including RoboCalls or SMS messages from RoboCent affiliates. Registering your number with the RoboCent internal DNC list is a safeguard against future communications from our clientele.

While RoboCent cannot control external providers, we assure you that inclusion on our DNC list means an end to messages from our network. We respect your privacy; your details remain confidential within our platform and are not disclosed to our clients, advertisers, or any third-party marketers. Please submit only numbers you legally own yourself to the DNC list.

Note: Each contact wishing to be added must complete this form individually.

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