How To: Scrub a Phone List

Scrubbing a Phone List is one of the first steps we recommend to every client. It answers the most frequently asked question we get perfectly: How much will it cost to contact my list?

Scrubbing a Phone List

Step 1: Navigate to Files

Navigate to your account in the RoboCent Platform. Once in your account, select "Files" on the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Upload Files

Once on the "Files" page, you will be able to see a list of your phone lists, audio messages, and images that have been uploaded. You will also be able to upload new files by selecting the "Upload Box" or dropping your files into the box.
RoboCent supports all spreadsheet file types (.csv, .xlsx, .xls, and more). If a file is unsupported, you will see a pop-up in the bottom left of your page. If you need to convert a file, email [email protected]

Step 3: Scrub Phone List

Once your file has been selected from your computer, it will need some time to upload and process into your account. The time required varies based on your internet connection and the size of the file, but shouldn't take longer than a few moments.
When the file has completed uploading and processing, you will see the "Scrub Phone List" button on the right side of the file's containment box.
Selecting the button will open a modal (friendly pop-up) describing the purpose of the Phone List Scrubber. Select "Continue" to proceed.
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