The Process

Getting started with RoboCent's Self-Service Platform.

Register your Account

​Sign up on our website and create your organization to register your account. If you plan on sending Text Messages with RoboCent, you will also need to register your brand with 10DLC. We make this process easy with our support guides.

Upload your files

On the "Files" tab, you can upload your Audio and Phone Lists.
If you need to record Audio over the phone, you can select the "Recording Line" tab to access the Call in Recording Line to record your message over the phone.
To add a new Text Script, select the "Scripts" tab to create a new Text Message.

Schedule Message

Using the Scheduler, schedule your first message. Makes sure you have everything you need before getting started. If you need help, visit the Voice Campaign or Text Campaign support guides.

Pay Invoice

All messages through the RoboCent platform are PrePay only. Once our team reviews your message, you will receive an invoice available both in your account and via email. Payment is required before your message will begin sending.

Watch Live Results

Once your message begins sending, just sit back and relax while the Live Results update in real-time. Dial dispositions, text progress, success receipts, response messages, and more are visible the moment your campaign begins sending.


How long does it take to approve a scheduled message?

Our team will approve your message within 15 minutes to 2 hours. You can rush a message to have it sending under two hours, for a fee. Be sure to add a credit card and enable AutoPay so we can charge you the amount due as soon as the message is approved to get it sending as quickly as possible.

What to do if you can't see the "Files" tab

If you can't see this tab, you need to Create an Organization. This will register the organization with an account to complete sign up.
Question not answered here? Visit our full FAQ or Support Docs for more help.