Do-Not-Contact Request

RoboCent maintains an internal DNC master list. Every phone list on our platform is first scrubbed against our master DNC list to ensure these numbers never receive a call or text from RoboCent.
Anyone can request to be added to our internal DNC list, regardless if we have contacted you before. In addition, this list is applied to all RoboCent clients, ensuring you are removing your number from all 3,000+ customers we work with!
RoboCent does not provide services to any customers that participate in spam. The vast majority of RoboCent's customers are Political Campaigns that are entitled to market their candidacy via phone messaging. These types of messages are legally protected and allowed by the FCC and Federal Law. Regardless, all RoboCent customers must adhere to our Responsible Use Policy.
This form is provided as a courtesy to voters in the United States who wish to add their personal landline or mobile phone numbers to the RoboCent internal DNC list. Adding your number to the internal RoboCent Do-Not-Call list will ensure you never receive another RoboCall, RVM, or SMS message from any of our clients.
This service is provided in an effort to combat voter frustration with unsolicited messaging. While we cannot prevent RoboCalls from other providers in the industry, we can ensure you will never again receive a call from RoboCent.
Your information is not shared with anyone outside of our platform. We will never share your information with our customers, advertisers, or marketers. Only the owners of the phone numbers provided are eligible to have their contact information added to our DNC list. You are not allowed to add numbers to this form that you do not legally own.
Note: Each contact wishing to be added must complete this form individually.