Identification Requirements for Automated Calls

Every Automated Call sent through our system is required to identify who is sending the call. To accomplish this, each call sent through our system must clearly state, at the beginning of the message, who is responsible for sending the call. The message much also have a disclaimer, at the end of the message, that identifies who initiated the call with a valid, active phone number that is managed by the political organization responsible. It is also required that the phone number provided has the ability to receive and record inbound voicemail messages. Laws will vary state-by-state. Be sure to check with your local statutes to ensure you are in full compliance. Even if a disclaimer is not required by your state, it will still be required when using our service, regardless of the state’s statutes. It is the responsibility of your organization to ensure you are in full compliance with local and state statutes.
From the FCC:
Identification Requirements for Prerecorded Voice Messages.
All prerecorded voice messages, political and otherwise, that are permissible under section 227 and the Commission’s rules must include certain information to identify the party responsible for the message. In particular:
  • All artificial and prerecorded voice messages must state clearly, at the beginning of the message, the identity of the business, individual, or other entity that is responsible for initiating the call.
  • If a business or other corporate entity is responsible for the call, the prerecorded voice message must contain that entity’s official business name (the name registered with a state corporation commission or other regulatory authority).
  • In addition, the telephone number of such business, individual, or other entity must be provided either during or after the prerecorded voice message.
"Hello, this is [name] on behalf of [organization legal name]. ...... This call has been paid for and authorized by [organization legal name]. [10-digit phone number]."
Stay Compliant – organizations in violation of FCC regulations can face penalties of up to $16,000 per violation.
This is a requirement set forth by the FCC that is strictly enforced by RoboCent, Inc. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy for any reason.