Terms and Definitions

  • Pending Approval
    • Campaign is awaiting review by a RoboCent admin. Please allow up to 2 hours for our team to review this message for Approval or Rejection.
  • Under Review
    • A RoboCent admin is reviewing your message request, this campaign will be Approved or Rejected shortly.
  • Processing
    • The campaign is processing, please allow more time for this process to complete.
  • Active
    • Campaign is paid and within sending hours making it eligible to begin sending.
  • Paused
    • Campaign is paused, preventing additional outbound sending. You can unpause to set this campaign to Active at any time.
  • Out of Schedule
    • Campaign submitted and paid, but waiting for the selected start time/date. Once the start time/date has been reached, this campaign will switch to Active.
  • Rejected
    • This campaign has been Rejected by a RoboCent admin, a reason has been provided.
  • Pending Cancellation
    • A cancellation request has been submitted. A RoboCent admin is reviewing this request to finalize cancellation. While Pending Cancellation, no additional outbound messages will be sent.
  • Complete
    • All sending has finished and this campaign is complete.
  • Cancelled
    • This campaign has been cancelled and is no longer active.
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