Bulk Pricing Options

RoboCent Bulk Order Discount Program

Bulk Order Discounts

RoboCent offers Bulk Discounts standard for every customer. For every campaign you schedule, our discounts will automatically be applied when the tiers are hit.
Number of Leads
Discount %
100,000 Leads
10% OFF
500,000 Leads
20% OFF
At 100,000 leads, your invoice will automatically include a 10% discount. This discount jumps to 20% when you have 500,000 leads on your contact list.

Bulk PrePay Discount Program

Thousands of campaigns rely on RoboCent’s ease of use, powerful dialer, Texting platform, and personal representatives every year. From small, local school board elections to statewide Governors races, RoboCent can deliver a custom and unique experience, every time.
We understand how to operate on a budget. That’s why RoboCent happily boasts the cheapest pricing in the industry with the highest quality RoboCalls, RVM, and Texting you can find. But we also understand that large campaigns need to make the most of every cent their supporters contribute, which is why we’re pleased to announce our Bulk Order Discount Program. Maximize your budget and fund your account in advanced to receive huge deposit bonuses.
Back by request of our biggest clients, RoboCent is now offering our bulk order discounts year-round. No more waiting for October to roll around before you can take advantage of our special promos.

Bulk Order Discount Tiers

Pre-Pay Amount
% Free
Total Bonus Credit
$25,000 to $34,999
$ 2,500.00
$35,000 to $49,999
$ 4,200.00
$50,000 to $74,999
$ 7,500.00
$75,000 to $99,999
$ 12,750.00
$100,000 and More
$ 20,000.00

Example: A Pre-Pay order for $25,000 in account funds will deposit $27,500 into your account.

Funds must be received before Outbound Messaging Begins. Bonus Credit will be applied to account when funds are received.
We accept credit cards, wire transfers, checks, and PayPal. For credit cards and PayPal, a 3% interest rate will be applied.
Contact us today to get started with your bulk order purchase!

Bulk PrePay + Partner Rates

Bulk PrePay stacks with your Partner Rate! When you PrePay large funds into your account early, the bonus credit is automatically applied as account balance. These funds will be used first before attempting any charges on a credit card.
Partner Rates apply at the time of invoicing, once you've created a Message Campaign and are ready for it to send. The Partner Rate discount will apply to the individual invoice, providing a discount on the total invoice cost. Then, the invoice will be paid from your Account Balance using your PrePay funds (and bonus credit!)
Contact our team if you have any questions.