Text Messaging
RoboCent provides a proprietary texting platform for Political Campaigns, Organizations, Non-Profits, and Business'.

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Why Text Messaging?

RoboCent created a proprietary texting platform to allow our customers to have meaningful conversations with their voters in an easy-to-use interface. The short answer: Texting is simply the best way to contact voters and customers.
Long answer, texting provides an unobtrusive, non-evasive way to successfully provide information to contacts. Texts have, on average, a 90% delivery rate - triple the average RoboCall success rate. Being able to provide links, videos, pictures, event information with date or times, and more all becomes much easier when we're writing the information down. Instead of relying on a voter to remember that the special election is being held on a Saturday from 1PM to 4PM, we can text them this information so they can recall it at any time. Engagement rates are through the roof with text marketing, no other medium even comes close. Email and calls fall far behind text message open rates. Adding in a picture or video drastically increases the chance that a customer will want to look at your message (consider the success of Instagram, a photo based social media powerhouse). People want pictures!
"Not only is texting cheap and easy to use, it's much better than other forms of communication at grabbing voters' attention."
"Unlike regular mail or email, text messages are almost always read by their recipients, usually within minutes after they're sent."

How does RoboCent Texting Work?

When you are ready to schedule your text message we will collect several pieces of information from you, including:
  • Start Date and Time
  • Contact List
  • Script
  • Routing Number
    • The phone number that will ring if contacts call after receiving a text.
  • Type: Self-Service or Managed
    • See below section
Once this campaign is scheduled, it will go to our review time for approval. Within 15 minutes, your message will either be approved or rejected. Rejected campaigns will provide a reason for rejection with steps to fix the issue.
At the start time, the campaign will become active and eligible to begin sending. If using the Managed Service, our Agents will login to begin sending your campaign within 15 minutes. The number of Agents assigned depends on the total number of messages we're sending. Our agents can send an average of 8,000 messages per hour.

Who Sends the Texts?

Text Messaging is not automated. While RoboCalls use a dialer to automatically call every number on the contact list, text messaging has much stricter legal requirements. In order to send a text without Opt-In consent, a human must initiate the message to the contact. This is exactly what you're picturing, a human must individually and manually click the "Send Message" button for every text that is sent through our platform. As you can imagine, this can become quite time consuming for most organizations.
Thankfully, RoboCent has a solution (sensing a theme?). We staff over 30 agents who are here specifically to send your outbound text messages. Unlike other providers who offer "In-House Texting Agents", all RoboCent texting Agents and support staff are based in the US, registered to vote, speak and write fluent English, and regularly participate in US elections. No overseas call banks or overworked office workers, just a freelance network of people who are interested in US Politics. Our Agents are vetted and trusted with your content, in addition to being under an NDA with RoboCent to ensure your information is secure and private.
Of course, if you would rather use your own staff, volunteers, (or yourself) to send the messages, the Agent Portal is designed specifically for you. Learn more: Agent Portal
In-House Agents average 7,500 to 10,000 texts per hour. Typically, our users average 4,000 to 6,000 texts per hour but can theoretically send at the same speed as our Agents.

Outbound Sending Flexibility

The SMS Connect Platform is completely TCPA and FCC compliant because we use real humans to send every text message through our platform. When scheduling a message with SMS Connect, you get to choose who handles the outbound sending. “Managed” uses RoboCent’s team of agents to handle all outbound sending. “Self-Service” allows you to add your own agents, staff, and volunteers to handle sending.
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