Phone List Scrubber

Landlines and Mobile lookups for every number, free.
RoboCent offers a complementary list scrubbing on every phone list you upload. By uploading your list to your RoboCent account, you can run a Phone List Scrub to identify the total number of Landline and Mobile numbers on your list. We will also remove all the duplicate, malformed, disconnected, and invalid records to ensure your list is squeaky clean.
The phone list scrubber will ensure your RoboCalls only target compatible landline numbers, while your Text Messages only go to compatible mobile numbers.
Our matching process allows you to assign columns to your spreadsheet for 17 different headers in a super easy interface. You can assign unlimited columns as containing phone numbers, perfect for datasets that have home, cell, office, or fax in different columns.
"Fax, why would I want to call a fax machine?" We were thinking the same thing.
Well, you wouldn't. And we won't let you, thanks to the Phone List Scrubber!
The worst part about data is that you don't actually know what's in there. Sure, someone told you what's in there, but how do you know if you don't check? Using the Phone List Scrubber, we will remove all those pesky fax, bad, and duplicate numbers and only leave those that are good numbers, but got put in the wrong column due to human error or just bad data management. Doesn't matter, because our Phone List Scrubber will find it and identify it, free of charge.

Available Headers

  • Lead Phone
  • Voter ID
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix Name
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Email
  • Party
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Link (URL)
  • Ethnicity
Headers don't have to match your phone list exactly. As long as you remember which columns are which, you can rename them when you download the report after the message sends.
To ensure your phone list successfully returns all available numbers, be sure to have all 10 digits of the phone number in a single column. Do not put the area code in a different column as this will not return accurate counts. Parentheses, commas, spaces, and dashes will all be removed automatically during the scrubbing process. The scrubbing process removes malformed (not 10-digit), invalid (not real number), duplicate, and registered disconnected numbers to leave the highest quality numbers on your list. This process typically takes 2-3 minutes but can increase in time based on the size of the file being processed.

Misc. Information

  • The only column that must be mapped is the Phone Number column. All other fields are optional, mapping additional fields will keep them organized when you export your results after running your call or text campaign.
  • You can map multiple Lead Phone Columns. This is beneficial if you have landlines and mobile in separate columns and want to target all the numbers.
    • We recommend mapping every column that contains a phone number. Even if your list organized them by type, our system will additionally do a real-time lookup to determine the type of number it is. You don't want to miss out on contacting numbers because it was placed in the wrong column!
  • Only the first few rows from your spreadsheet will be loaded on the right side of the page. This is normal and is done to reduce load times.
  • The columns on the left cannot be renamed. These are preset by RoboCent based on customer feedback for the most requested fields.
    • If you have a column on your spreadsheet that doesn't match up with a column we provide, you can still map it. It will simply be incorrectly labeled in your reports when downloading your results but can be renamed locally once the results are downloaded to your computer.
While the Phone List Scrubber is very advanced and uses real-time data to cross reference the provided phone numbers with active databases, it can't catch every bad number. There are several reasons why a phone number may be unreachable and not all are reported to us providers. We do our best to ensure our Scrubber is working as intended to remove as many inactive, invalid, deactivated, and malformed numbers as possible to save our customers every penny.

Carrier Lookup

While the phone list scrubber will identify the good landlines and mobile on your list, it won't actually tell you which are which. You can download a identified list, containing the status of each number, in your account by selecting "Carrier Lookup".
A Carrier Lookup allows customers to get real-time information regarding the type of phone numbers on the target list. Performing a Lookup with run a Live Lookup with the carriers to identify which numbers on your list are Landline, Mobile, or VOIP. After the Lookup is completed, you can instantly download your file with an additional column showing the type of record for each number.
A Carrier Lookup is not required to use the RoboCent system. Scheduling an Outbound Message with RoboCent will automatically scrub your numbers using our internal lookup software. A Lookup is only required if you want to identify the individual type of record each phone number is for use outside of the RoboCent system.
There is a fee of 3¢ per Lookup. You are not charged for duplicate or invalid numbers.

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