RoboCent offers an advanced TeleTownHall platform to connect representatives with their constituents. A TeleTownHall is a phone based townhall where voters are dialed and invited to participate in a live call with a Speaker (VIP, candidate, elected official).
During the call, participants can press a button on their keypad to be transferred to a screener who will write down their question. If a callee is selected, they will go live on the air with the Speaker to directly ask their question. All reports and statistics are collected during the TeleTownHall and provided when the event has concluded.

TeleTownHalls are one of the most powerful resources for candidates and elected officials:

  • Control over who to target before getting started
  • Ease of access for voters – simply needing to answer the phone thus increasing participation
  • Flexibility on where to host the event, from the comfort of a candidate’s home or on the road
  • Open dialogue allows for productive conversation to both inform and learn from the voters
  • Create a meaningful impact with voters by talking with them on a personal level
  • Use a targeted audience for safe discussion or a passionate debate

What is a TeleTownHall?

A TeleTown Hall is a new way of conducting town halls that removes all of the fuss and increases the function. Citizens can simply dial into a TeleTownHall to participate in the forum via phone call.
Pairing your telephone-powered town hall with other assets like Facebook Live, or conduct live polls to gauge where constituents are at on issues in real time.
As a public servant, you try your best to make political engagement easy and accessible for the everyday citizen. TeleTownHalls are simply the logical next step.
TeleTownHalls allow for constituents to be active participants in their local or national government without having to leave their homes. It’s taking advantage of the technology at our fingertips and turning it into a tool to create politically active citizens.

Who Do TeleTownHalls Benefit?

Well, everyone, really.


For citizens, it gives more of them a fighting chance to be heard. Since TeleTownHalls are more personal, there’s a better chance that citizens will be able to speak with their lawmakers or chosen candidate.
Even if their lawmaker doesn’t get the chance to answer their questions, a citizen can be immediately directed to voicemail; their representative will have citizens leftover concerns on the top of a checklist.
It’s also a way for constituents to hold their lawmakers accountable; through the nature of digital gatherings, TeleTownHalls have the ability to become more publicized than a regular town hall. People have digital and instantly publishable proof of interaction with their lawmakers or candidates.
In NJ, a reclusive legislator’s constituents have been holding him accountable through “live-tweeting the calls, recording them, and posting the resulting audio files online.” Local news outlets have taken to transcribing this data and citing it when referring to the particular legislator, which could incite action or change.
Not to mention that calling in to a TeleTownHall is completely free for the constituent. While the technology to conduct these telephone town halls is newer and innovative, it will come to no cost to the civilian calling in to participate.


For public figures open to holding a TeleTownHall, the possibilities are endless. Whether they’re on the road or right in town, representatives can use TeleTownHalls to connect to constituents no matter where or when. Campaign tours shouldn’t hinder a politician form connecting with their base, nor should bad weather or any other arbitrary reason.
In a TeleTownHall, representatives have the opportunity to recreate a sort of digital-aged fireside chat. In addition to enabling a connection through phone call, a representative can also go live on Facebook to make the connection that much more personal. That way, it’ll feel like it’s an in-person meeting, but no one has to leave the comfort of their own home.
Plus, in going live on Facebook for your TeleTownHall, you could attract more constituents to dial in or tune in online. You’ll be able to answer Facebook comments or polls in real time, which will incorporate your online audience even more.
Conducting polls for a TeleTownHall is an option even if you’re not using Facebook. Using Robocent’s live polls during a TeleTownHall, you’ll have even more capabilities than you would in person.
An in-person town hall wouldn’t logistically allow for a completely accurate and quick poll in the same way that a telephone-operated one would. You’re able to feed back the results of the poll to the constituents themselves with full accuracy, and respond to the poll results as they come in.


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