Text Messaging

RoboCent provides a fully 10DLC, FCC, and TCPA compliant Texting Platform for Political Campaigns, Organizations, Non-Profits, and Business'.

Ready to Send Your Text Messages?

Visit our Industry-Leading 10DLC Resource to learn how to get approved to send Text Messages for your organization.

What is P2P Text Messaging?

P2P, or Peer-to-Peer means that one person is texting another. Unlike bulk or automated texting, every P2P text is initiated by a human. This is exactly what you're picturing, a human must individually and manually click the "Send Message" button for every text that is sent through our platform.

This seems like a lot of work! Who sends all these texts?

While it can be very time consuming, having human agents initiate each text is required to ensure full 10DLC, FCC, and TCPA compliance. To help our customers send their messages, RoboCent staffs over 30 In-House Agents who are here specifically to send your outbound text messages. You can learn more about our In-House Agents here.
When you schedule your Text Message campaign, you will choose between the Managed or Self-Service option.
If you select the Managed option, RoboCent’s team of In-House Agents will handle all outbound sending. Our agents will ensure your message begins sending at the start time selected.
If you select the Self-Service option, your team of staff and volunteers are responsible for all outbound sending for this campaign.
Don't worry, if you're looking to use the Self-Service option we have step-by-step guides available to help you get started.
No matter who sends the initial text, our customers always have access to view the inbound responses from your contacts and provide follow up messages to their questions.

How does P2P Texting work?

Our app provides a online platform for users to schedule their text message. Once you're ready to schedule your text message campaign, we will collect several pieces of information from you, including:
  • Start Date and Time
  • Contact List
  • Script
    • Picture or Video are optional
  • Inbound Routing Number
    • The phone number that will ring if contacts call after receiving a text.
  • Sending Preference: Self-Service or Managed
Once the campaign is scheduled, it will go to our review team. Within 15mins to 2hrs, your message will either be approved or rejected. Once approved, you will receive an invoice that must be paid prior to your message becoming Active. Rejected campaigns will provide a reason for rejection with steps to fix the issue.
At the start time, the campaign will become Active and eligible to begin sending. If using the Managed Service, our Agents will login to begin sending your campaign within 15 minutes. The number of Agents assigned depends on the total number of messages we're sending. Our agents can send an average of 8,000 messages per hour.

Getting Started with P2P Texting

Ready to start using Text Messaging to boost voter turnout? Follow these three simple steps below to start sending your first Text Campaign!
That's it! We provide helpful, step-by-step guides for everything you need to do to ensure a smooth process. As always, contact our team if you have any questions!
A infographic showing information on how to get started with RoboCent to send text messages.
Text Messaging Infographic

Why Use Text Messaging?

RoboCent created our texting platform to allow our customers to have meaningful conversations with their voters in an easy-to-use interface. The short answer: Texting is simply the best way to contact voters and customers.
Texting provides an unobtrusive, non-invasive way to successfully provide information to contacts. Texts have, on average, a 98% deliverability rate - triple the average RoboCall success rate. Being able to provide links, videos, pictures, event information with date or times, and more all becomes much easier when we're writing the information down. Instead of relying on a voter to remember that the special election is being held on a Saturday from 1PM to 4PM, we can text them this information so they can recall it at any time. Engagement rates are through the roof with text marketing, no other medium even comes close. Email and calls fall far behind text message open rates.
Adding in a picture or video drastically increases the chance that a customer will want to look at your message (consider the success of Instagram, a photo based social media powerhouse). People want pictures!
"Not only is texting cheap and easy to use, it's much better than other forms of communication at grabbing voters' attention."
"Unlike regular mail or email, text messages are almost always read by their recipients, usually within minutes after they're sent."
Research carried out by Tech for Campaigns (TFC) found that when people receive a political message, the voter turnout rate increases by one percent. At a glance, this may not sound that impressive; however, when you analyze the statistical data, one percent makes all the difference. TFC data shows that in the districts where messaging is used to communicate with voters, a one percent increase would have been enough to win five out of seven races that the Democrats lost in 2018.