Transfer Calls

Transfer Calls

Transfer calls work similarly to RoboCalls. When scheduling a call, a “Transfer To” phone number is assigned. The dialing begins exactly like a RoboCall. During the audio, the callee will be instructed to “Press 1” on their phone to be transferred. At this point, the callee will be transferred to the number provided by the user during scheduling.

Transfer calls are extremely useful for transferring a Callee to:

  • A volunteer standing by to take donation information over the phone
  • A high-profile representative the callee can express their opinion on new legislation to
  • A campaign staffer so the callee can ask specific questions about a candidate’s views

Pricing Explained

Transfer calls follow the same pricing logic as RoboCalls. The only difference is an additional cost of 1.5¢ is added to every dial.
Audio Length
Cost Per Dial
0-15 Seconds
16-30 Seconds
31-45 Seconds
46-60 Seconds
Each Additional 15 Seconds
Leaving Voicemails are free to enable on Transfer Calls.