Voter Data

Utilize RoboCent's voter data for High-Quality Landline and Mobile records.
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Our competitive pricing comes from our partnership with our Data Partner that allows us to buy records in bulk. We pass these savings onto our customers to ensure all of our users have access to high-quality data for their campaign.
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Data Points

All voter data purchased through RoboCent comes with:
  • Voter name
  • Address
  • District
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Registration date
  • Party Affiliation
  • Vote History (Elections Participated In)

RoboCent Data Request Features

Live Counts

The Voter Data Request tool provides Live Counts for Landlines, Mobiles, Emails, and All Voters. These counts will auto populate at the top of the page while you are completing the form. Be sure to review these counts periodically while completing each step to see how these counts change as you change the criteria.
Live Counts
This tool will allow you to target voters by location (zip code and county), demographics, (age, sex, ethnicity), party affiliation, and voting history for advanced Micro Targeting.

High Quality Data

RoboCent is partnered with an Industry Leading Political Data provider that has data for registered voters across the United States. The Landline and Mobile records available are scrubbed through a variety of verification methods to ensure only the highest quality data remains.

Low Cost

At only a few cents per record, RoboCent provides some of the most cost-effective voter data on the market.

Terms and Conditions

RoboCent does not host, sell, provide, or maintain records of any personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, health records, digitized or electronic signatures, place of birth, drivers license number, or family history. Any data containing this information is not allowed on our platform and is a violation of our Terms of Service.
Voter Data: RoboCent provides User the option to purchase voter data on behalf of a political organization that User represents, provided the User is authorized to do so and follows all applicable Federal and State Laws regarding the purchase of the voter data. By selling voter data, including but not limited to phone numbers (landlines or mobile), RoboCent is not granting permission to contact, call, or message the phone numbers. User is solely responsible for ensuring that the purchase and use of any voter data, regardless of how obtained, complies with all applicable local, state, federal laws, rules, regulations, and restrictions. In the event User purchases voter data from RoboCent, User expressly agrees, affirms, and represents that it will only use voter data in a lawful and responsible manner, and further that it will indemnify and hold RoboCent harmless to the fullest extent under the law, from any and all claims that may arise from User’s purchase or use of the voter data, regardless of how obtained. Voter data is reserved specifically for purchase only for registered political campaigns, committees, and organizations. The voter data shall not be used in advertising, marketing, solicitation, business purposes, or real estate, unless given explicit permission from RoboCent. RoboCent reserves the right to refuse services to any organization or individual that does not meet this criteria and may request documentation to verify the organization’s authenticity.